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I totally failed to mention this story this morning, in my haste to get out the door, but it is WONDERFUL. And it was written for me. Kind of. :D Oh, it was also for her own satisfaction but, pssht, I LOVE IT AND I CLAIM IT FOR MY OWN.

It's Kurt and Blaine's second time, and I figured Blaine would be awkward and needy but nervous and she wrote me a STORY about that. <3 It is elegant, lovely, thoughtful NC-17, my all time favorite kind of NC-17. ;D

The Second Time by flaming_muse, of course. (And she's read/edited something close to 40,000K words on this AU fic of mine today, so I have all the love in the world for her. Especially as there's more than 45,000K to go. Whoops?)
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