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I don't know why I'm so excited for Friday, I don't have a desk job. BUT HEY, OUR CULTURE DICTATES THAT I SHARE JOY. And so I do. I'm in a fabulous mood, brought on by an excellent 2 hour massage yesterday (and the knowledge that I have another scheduled for next Friday and the Friday after...) Dude. This chick tore into my glutes and quads, just stripping those muscles of all the little ouchies and I felt like I was made of pudding afterward. Hurt so good. (It only hurt because I hadn't been in for months. Regular massage keeps everything lovely. And your skin thanks you, too! Bye bye, cellulite on my booty.)

And then I ruined it by doing a million-fifty squats and lunges today. HEY, I'M KEEPING HER IN BUSINESS.

Also, I am in the final edits for this redonkulously huge story I've been writing (huge for me) and will start posting on Monday and finally be done. Are we finished, Buffy? *cry*.

Also 2, John Ralphio said "butthole" last night, and I freaking love that character. Parks and Rec, one of the tightest comedies on TV, hands down. No wasted characters, not ever. <3

Also 3, I am not on my own PC, so I can't resize images (nor touch them up, stupid netbook with barebones on it, argh!!) but for those curious about the fake-out Kindle cover I made, it's under the cut. 5 pics, they're big, and I'm not 100% in love with it, but it's serviceable fo sho.

So this is an old book I found at my favorite boutique filled with medical maladies and Armadillo purses, etc. (There was a PERFECT book, orange leather, very old, in excellent condition, and it was $75. So. I went with this one, instead. For a first time craft, um... Yeah.)

I did coat the entire outside with Mod Podge to help the condition of the cover, because it's old enough to start cracking and peeling. (The decoration is how it came, including the author's initials in the bottom right corner.)

Here's the spine, and you can see how it's splitting - it shouldn't any more, but. Hmm. It's bugging me. (As soon as I opened it to remove the pages, it did this.) Yes, the title is "I Was A Teenage Dwarf." I mean...what? The author wrote Dobie Gillis. In case that's interesting to you.

I didn't think to take pics of me cutting out the pages, so here's what I did:

* I used an exacto knife to cut right at the inner seams on the front and back cover to remove the pages in one chunk.
* I spread ModPodge over the interior cover to make it even stiffer, etc. and applied a single sheet of felt to line the entire interior
CHANGES I WOULD MAKE: I would score the seams where the covers open and close to help it not creak. :)
* I cut pieces of batting to fit 2/3 of the covers to act as padding for my Kindle, like my old cover had.
CHANGES I WOULD MAKE: I would make the padding behind the actual Kindle far thinner, like one layer, not three. The screen is where it should be focused.
* I glued (Tacky craft glue) a piece of felt on the left cover, weighed it down until it was set, about 12 hours.
* I made a pocket, trimming it in brown ribbon (sewed) so I could slip in my light, a card, whatever
* I glued the edges of the pocket, weighed them down, etc.
* I cut out four strips of white elastic (what I had on hand), but since it's so stark, I wanted to cover that.
* So. With another piece of felt, I cut triangles large enough to hold the corners and cover the elastic.
* I sewed it all down, then glued the entire back to the felt/backing layer, letting it sit for 12 hours with a weight on it.
* Because I need to loop a finger in to pull it out/get it in, you'll notice the top right triangle has a cut in it. That's how I can get all four corners snug.
* I had a seam in the middle that I wanted to cover, so I glued down a strip of ribbon to be a bookmark fake out. Bwee.

And here is my spanking new Kindle all snugged up:

The very first picture is with my Kindle inside. It's the right thickness with the padding and my kindle to keep it the same as when it had pages in it.

Things I'll try with another book some day: I'll use a long invisible zipper along the outside to hold it closed - and will trick out the zipper fabric to look like pages. :) Scoring the felt is also another must.

Now I'm hungry. YO DESEO TACOS.
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