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Bullet points and links

* Only one episode left to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and please PLEASE let Dana be there to talk about all of her money and being gauche. Recap from last night is live!
* Boardwalk Empire, American Horror Story and X-Factor posts are also up, go chat up Sally and Melody.
* As shows go into their mini-hiatus, things will quiet down at Hey, Don't Judge Me so my girls can have a nice, relaxing holiday break. (Sherlock will go up this weekend, and there will still be Glee from tonight's ep.) Thanks for all the support to our site, guys, it's appreciated. :)
* I really need my damn laptop back, because trying to write on a weetiny netbook is no fun. No me gusta.
* I am blown away by the response my fic has gotten, because I honestly and truly didn't expect more than maybe 5 people to read. Chrismakwanzukkah came early!
* speaking of, the next chapter will be going up right after this post.
* so I should get to it. (I get to have a day of pampering and get my hairs did. And if I may, having a handsome straight man as a hairdresser is pretty damn fab. Hmm, better put on makeup... Lol.)
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