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I know, I know, too many posts today, which normally I don't do. But flaming_muse once again indulged my spazzing and once again wrote an incredibly thoughtful tag fic for the last week's episode of Glee. "First Rule"

She didn't even bop me on the head when I sent her a rambling email about boxing (a sport I've loved since I was little) and the type of boxer I think Blaine would be, why he would have picked it up in the first place, in-fighting vs. swarmers vs. out-fighters and why Mike Tyson was so powerful with his uppercuts.

SHE DOES NOT RAMBLE LIKE I DO. Her story is a very mature (and raw) look at how two young gay men see violence and why one would pick up boxing, and why the other wouldn't. Lovely, as is everything she writes. Read and feed, please!
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