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Author: Stoney
Title: Where There's Smoke [12/12+E]
Rating: Fer Errbody
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, Wes and David friendship, mentions of former Finn/Rachel
Word Count: 5100/100,000
Warnings: Kurt finally hangs out at the fire station. Guess what happens? (Be prepared, my firefighter daughters, for intense situations)
Summary: Fireman AU, set 7 years after graduation. Kurt is Kurt, except that he never met Blaine Anderson. Blaine grew up in Brooklyn with his mother and firefighter father. Rachel and Kurt have graduated NYADA, Kurt gained a Masters from Tisch, and now they're in their first post-college apartment together ready to tackle their dreams. Unfortunately, Rachel never learned how to properly cook and almost sets their new house on fire. Enter Dreamy McFirepants.
A/N: This wouldn't exist without the most amazing editor a person could ask for, flaming_muse. Any remaining errors fall squarely on her my shoulders. Also, I am ultimately a romantic, I don't write character death, I love writing happy endings, and Kurt and Rachel live in my dream place in Carroll Gardens (it's modeled after an actual piece of real estate there.) I tried to be as accurate as a visitor to NYC can get, but did take a few liberties with neighborhood bodegas. Also, FringeFest does not currently have a Broadway segment to their lineup, but they should. :)

Kurt had dropped his family back at their hotel with meticulously written instructions for how to get on the subway, how to behave on the subway, who to not speak to on the subway, and how to get to the area by Turtle Pond where his performance would be held.Collapse )


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Dec. 23rd, 2011 06:45 pm (UTC)
This whole story just made me so happy. Perfect song choice for his final song. So glad that Kurt ( and Blaine) got the happiness they both deserve.

Nothing but love for you and your amazing and epic story.
Dec. 24th, 2011 02:42 am (UTC)
Oh, that's so awesome, I'm so happy to make YOU happy! *sings the song* Hee.

Thank you, truly.
Dec. 23rd, 2011 06:46 pm (UTC)
Found this fic last night and literally stayed up until 5 am to finish it...holy crap this was amazing! Please never stop writing!! <3
Dec. 24th, 2011 02:43 am (UTC)
Aww! Thank you, Nony! I appreciate that. (And I won't, it's kind of my day job! :D)
Dec. 23rd, 2011 06:52 pm (UTC)
I just can't. I practically read this in one sitting. It was so good. I'm sad to see it finished.
Dec. 24th, 2011 02:43 am (UTC)
Re: ;_;
Oh, your poor tush! :) And thank you so much, I appreciate your reading along!
Dec. 23rd, 2011 06:54 pm (UTC)

Another one of those moments, right there. :)

Dec. 24th, 2011 02:44 am (UTC)
It really is, right? It needs to follow them everywhere.

Thank you. <3 to YOU!
Dec. 23rd, 2011 07:24 pm (UTC)
NOOO. This can't be the last real chapter! I demand an EPIC. YEARS of being in love and cuteness and Broadway shows and adopting some small child and raising him or her and then being like these two

(also, randomly, I was pondering Glee as I went to bed last night, and I found myself thinking "Man, I love Klaine, but I wonder what Santana and Brittany are up to." And then I realized that what I was thinking about...this story, was not actually the show. Cue embarrassed giggles.)
Dec. 24th, 2011 02:46 am (UTC)
Ahaha, I love that video SO MUCH! Are they not the best dads ever?!

I love SO MUCH that my story became your head canon. BEST THING EVER!!!!!!
Dec. 23rd, 2011 07:26 pm (UTC)
aaw I don't want this to end :( It's so good! :D

This chapter was lovely! Thank you for writing this story <3
Dec. 24th, 2011 02:47 am (UTC)
I'm sorry! :(

But thank you so much, I'm so happy to know you enjoyed it!! <3
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 24th, 2011 02:48 am (UTC)
I love this comment because it's like it's REAL. <3 Hee. They totally owe her, and Kurt DEF. needs to name his adopted daughter after her.

Thank you so much!! (And I do plan on a few one-shots, so there's that for 2012!)
Dec. 23rd, 2011 07:45 pm (UTC)
Okay. Okay. I wasn't gonna comment until the very very end, but I simply cannot resist. So please be prepared for rambles.

I just. I adore this fic. It was somehow heartbreaking and reassuring all at once, if that makes any sense. I completely expected you to throw in another heart-pounding, dramatic firefighting scene, maybe where Blaine came close to dying or got horribly maimed, just for excitement or drama or idunno. But now I've realized that it's better you didn't. Because now, we as the readers have gone through exactly what Kurt went through and will continue to go through in his relationship. *cue inspirational music* Like Kurt, we expect the worst to happen, but there is happiness out there. There is! We just have to hold on and somehow, we'll find it. ;_____;

... *gross sobbing*

Anywho, I must also say I have a supreme weakness for fic set in New York City. I want to live there so badly, it almost makes me want to vomit. (That was disgusting but so accurate, I just have so many feels about NYC.) I can't wait to go back there in the spring, and this fic just makes me want to get there that much more. Kudos to your research skills and little details about Brooklyn (never been there, just to Manhattan and Queens. Brooklyn seems amazing, though.)

I felt very in tune with Kurt during the whole fic - I think your descriptive writing style lent well to that. I love Kurt's character in the somewhat lonely, slightly dorky, but ultimately determined way that you wrote him. Always second-guessing himself, always wondering if he really deserves what's in front of him. I find that really relatable. And his love for his family, ugh. That never fails to get to me. ;_; And Hummelberry bffery forever, aw yeah.

I really, really didn't mean to say that much, but I just couldn't stop. Nor did I have the ability to write coherently, apparently. Anyway. Yes. Bravo, my friend. Bravo.
Dec. 24th, 2011 02:50 am (UTC)
I am TOTALLY OKAY WITH RAMBLES, what?! I have to laugh at all of y'all that thought I'd be a liar and kill/hurt someone, though. No cheap tricks in my writing, I promise! (In this fic it would have been, not that other stories that have that are.)

I am so SO happy, though, that you got that the fear, that underlying dread is KURT'S - I love writing in a tight POV, and it's so gratifying as a writer when it pays off. THANK YOU for that.

Brooklyn is AMAZING. So many wonderful neighborhoods, not as expensive as Manhattan, and utterly gorgeous in places. I love it there.

Thank you so much for this awesome comment, I LOVE IT.
Dec. 23rd, 2011 07:48 pm (UTC)
I don't want it to end! I'm excited for the epilogue, but sad for no more daily updates. I'm sure I'll read it over and over. Please keep writing fic no matter what, and if you happened to pop into this universe once in a while and let us know what Kurt and Blaine are up to, well then that would be swell. <3
Dec. 24th, 2011 02:54 am (UTC)
I'm so happy to know you liked this story, thank you for that! And oh, yes, I can't see myself not writing, I've been doing it for years. Really, thank you very much.
Dec. 23rd, 2011 07:49 pm (UTC)
this fic is absolutely beautiful, and I am so sad to see it end. Great job bringing these characters to life. Reading this was always the highlight of my day :)
Dec. 24th, 2011 02:55 am (UTC)
Thank you very, very much! That's so lovely to hear. <3
Dec. 23rd, 2011 08:10 pm (UTC)
Dec. 24th, 2011 02:55 am (UTC)
Dec. 23rd, 2011 08:41 pm (UTC)
What a lovely ending for such a wonderful story. You did such an amazing job.

I too am sad to see it go, but so glad it exists!
Dec. 24th, 2011 02:56 am (UTC)
Oh, thanks so much!! I's simply overwhelmed by the response, it's unbelievable. I've loved sharing this! Honest and for true: THANK YOU.
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 24th, 2011 02:57 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! I'm super happy to know the songs worked. YAY.

<3 <3 <3 to you!
Dec. 23rd, 2011 09:46 pm (UTC)
I LOVE THIS STORY. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. I'm so happy that The Boys are happy and that Kurt's performance was a success and you made him sing the perfect song and... and... and I just really love this story, okay? :) I'm sad to see it end but looking forward to the epilogue tomorrow.
Dec. 24th, 2011 02:57 am (UTC)
I LOVE YOU LOVING IT!! (The epilogue is actually up right now!) I am SO GRATEFUL for your support, thank so, so much.
Dec. 23rd, 2011 09:50 pm (UTC)
Such a good ending to an amazing story. Thank you. I look forward to reading everrything/anytthing you write in the future. Have you started anything else that I will sooon get to read?
Dec. 24th, 2011 02:58 am (UTC)
Thank you very much!! I haven't started any Klaine fics (I don't have any WiPs posted, I like to have them all written before hand.) I have a few Klaine fics (one is very short, one is about 7000 words, and if you hit my tag fic:Klaine, it will take you right there.)

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