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-given the sounds and moans from my house. And they're all from me.
I've been infected. SAVE YOURSELVES!!! D:

Cooked for 20 hours straight (that's only a slight exaggeration) including more than two dozen beef short ribs (soaked in Cote du Rhone then browned in bacon fat and herbs) that I had specially cut for Chrimbus Dinner only to be told an hour before dinner was served that my father, step-mom, and siblings wouldn't be coming after all. ARE. YOU. EFFING. ...what!? My awesome lovely favorite sister and her husband were over and asked if my dad told me. Oh, they have the sniffles, you see. Guys, I have been functioning on base human motor skills for two weeks with this damn sinus infection (anti-biotics failed. I have to go back to the doc today/tomorrow) and they have a tickle in their throat? NO SIR. EAT MY FOOD, OPEN THE GIFTS I LOVINGLY BOUGHT FOR YOU AND TELL ME YOU LOVE ME. Every family has their traditions, mine involve disappointment.

So basically I bullied my family into letting me love them, and it worked. They left shortly after dinner, which was fine, because I went to bed at 6:30pm and I just woke up. It's 11:30am as of my typing this. The lurgy is strong, cry cry.

Other than that, the holiday was lovely, the chirrens were well pleased with Giftmas, the Mr. was overjoyed with his thoughtful presents, and I was, too. I owe emails and comments and a few phone calls, but guys, I am going back to bed with my Kindle and reading The Road because I like cheering stories (lol.) (OH!! GUYS!! I MADE MY MOTHER IN LAW CACKLE WITH LAUGHTER ON CHRIMBUS EVE. I felt like a GOD.)

Those of you who feel so inclined to promote your Yuletide stories of awesome, keep it up. I have Calibre open and plan on loading up my Kindle for the week. YAY STORIES.

Oh, and I've had a few PMs asking - yes, I'm going to put up a "Year in Fic" post + a kinda-sorta masterlist. Eventually. But if I start moaning brains, you know the drill - exterminate and save yourselves. *shuffles feet aimlessly*

(I hope everyone had a lovely Hanukkah, Christmas, Giftmas, Sunday, Day of Sacrifice or whatever winter festivus you celebrate. GERMY KISSES FOR EVERYONE! :*)



Dec. 26th, 2011 11:56 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! I have been ignoring that portion of the half the Mr. Moo for some time now. I'm not going to be able to do that for much longer.


Are You Actually

Reading this? I'm just curious. Because that's really detail-oriented of you. Feel free to stop reading. But you can see that there's more here, so are you going to keep reading? Really? That's pretty dedicated. I'm impressed. No, really. I'm not being sarcastic, why do you get like that? See, this is the problem I have with your mother - yes. YES. I'm going there. It's time we put all of our cards on the table.

I love you, why are you doing this? After all we've been through? You don't have to be like this. You know, still reading. You could be baking a pie. And then sharing it with me.

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