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I just deleted Bon Jovi lyrics

rewritten to explain that I just got a shot in my butt. You're welcome. Friends don't let friends listen (or think about) Bon Jovi.

I had to go to the hard-core Cipro level antibiotics, as I've got some random ass infection in my head meat that wants to kill me. But you know what? I AM STRONGER THAN THE GERMS. Well, now that I'm armed with napalm, or whatever the pharmacy gave me. Also, my butt is sore. SHOTS. :(

I know that the five people that read the RHoBH recaps on HDJM are desperate for last night's recap, but it's going to have to wait. See: ill. Also, this is sort of a vacation week for all of the writers (even though there is a hilarious Sherlock recap, not to mention Melody's awesome X-Factor finale recaps.)

I stayed up way too late last night researching Serbian Orthodox customs for a one-shot. Um, for the fireman AU, and yes, I realize that it makes no sense. Hopefully it will? Or I'll get rid of this infection and see a bunch of gibberish on a page and delete it and laugh at myself.

Oh, I keep meaning to mention this: remember the post I made a while back about Purina pet foods? I got rid of everything and switched Sally Derg and the cats to Blue Buffalo Wilderness foods, and it's NIGHT AND DAY. Like, within a day or two. Hope Cat, who is technically a Senior Citizen, frolics and plays the Eskimo way with the kittens and Sally Derg, and Hope's fur is thick and luxurious now. Smudge (boy kitten) has stopped sneezing, Sally Derg's fur also feels amazing and she's eating far less and looking far better. So in case you wondered how accurate the whole "Purina food is killing your pets" thing is, um, I can see a visible difference physically and in their behavior.

I'm going to crawl back into bed and watch old Ren & Stimpy cartoons, because it's the greatest cartoon ever. EVER. If you can quote Powdered Toast Man to me, we are automatic BFFs, just so you know.
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