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Once again, I can only find things for myself when shopping for others.

I stupidly went to the mall yesterday (while sick, dumb, dumb, dumb) but instantly left after pulling on the first pair of jeans in the dressing room caused me to break a sweat. DEAR FASHION WORLD: I know young girls (which I am not) love stretchy, soft, almost jersey-knit like jeans. I am not one of them. I like denim for my denim. 1) I live in Texas, and tight knit makes me sweat in places I'd rather stay fresh. 2) I have muscles in my legs and a round booty and would like for the material to skim those instead of looking like I'm wearing late night sad pants (you know, those pajama jeans. WHAT.)

I do not like flares. I do not like skinny. (I also have calves, you see, and when I bend down, I black out when I wear skinny jeans.) STRAIGHT LEGS. The Gap made them, the Gap is all out of dark wash straight legs. High-end brands used to make them, now they sell $200 pajama jeans. WHAT MAGICAL STORE SELLS STRAIGHT-LEG, DARK WASH JEANS THAT ARE ACTUAL JEANS? I have tried: Citizens of Humanity, 7 For All Mankind, Paige Denim, and Eldon? I'm not remembering that last one right, but I was DISTRAUGHT. [/Moaning Myrtle.]

I'm going into Dallas to the proper shopping mall and looking more thoroughly when I'm not ill. BOO. (Hudson looks promising, as does Burberry's Brit line.) I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS. Except the first person to suggest "Not Your Mother's Jeans" gets a fist in the gut from me. :) Why yes, I am only 2 weeks from a NYC vacation where I would like to look schnazzy.

ION, I watched 8 Mile last night and was reminded of how freaking hot Eminem is when he bangs Brittany Murphy in that dirty shop and she licks her hand and his FACE omg, and you can see how gorgeous his body is under those stupid hip hop clothes and ungh. I have a secret love for stupid boys made stupid by life but wish they were smarter/strive to be better. Mmmm.

IOON, the Mr. is apparently playing a gig at the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in a few months? So I'm now married to a rock star. I sat with him while he worked on his setlist last night and before the drums gave me a headache, was all shades of proud and happy. He's really good. And then I took some aspirin and went to bed. :)

TELL ME I SHOULDN'T GO WORK IN THE YARD DOING WINTER CLEAN UP, GUYS, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I'M THINKING I SHOULD BE DOING. Because I am an idiot. (Oooh, maybe I'll work on making a masterlist and cleaning up links, because I know how to PAR-TAY.)
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