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Fic Post: And I Hear It's Good For Your Skin, Too (Klaine AU, R)

Author: Stoney
Title: And I Hear It's Good For Your Skin, Too [One-shot] [...probably]
Rating: R for lascivious thoughts, lol
Warnings: You're going to want a massage after this. You should get one, they're boss.
Word Count 5100+
Summary: Blaine Anderson wins an office pool and gets a massage. Hey, guess who his masseur is? Blaine kind of gets into it. A lot.
A/N: This is to put a smile on my lovely flaming_muse who had her first PROPER MASSAGE today. Um, I'm guessing she didn't have this experience. But if she did, I would like to book an appointment at her spa ASAP. Shameless massage shenanigans within, unbeta'd which - I know, I know, shame on me.

And I Hear It's Good For Your Skin, Too


Blaine looked up from the holistic magazine he was flipping through. He looked around for the source of the oddly melodic voice and startled as he saw a handsome, tall, thin man in white jeans and a white v-neck approaching him with a benign smile on his face.

The man stuck his hand out. “I'm Kurt. Have you had a massage before?”

Blaine shook his hand, pleased by the firm – but not too firm, like he had something to prove – grip and his dry, soft hand. “Um, no, I haven't,” he laughed nervously, running a hand along the back of his neck, the tips of his fingers digging into his thick, dark hair at his nape. “I sort of won an office pool, so...”

Kurt smiled at him as he held open the swinging door that led to the back of the spa in order to allow Blaine to walk through first. The hall was lined in thick carpeting, the walls a soothing light color and trimmed in dark wood. Blaine imagined this was “zen design,” and wondered if he could redo his bathroom in these colors before he was jolted back to the present by a warm hand gently resting on his back, encouraging him to walk through the doorway.

In his soothing tone, Kurt said, “We get that a lot. It's a good way to introduce people to the health benefits of massage. Well, I'll let you know that I'm here to help you relax, and it's okay for you to tell me what works and more importantly, what doesn't. Door number four on the right.”

Blaine pushed open the door indicated and was met with a taller than usual bed covered in comfy looking bedding, the lights dimmed low, and some music that sounded like pan flutes and rivers. He turned and nervously looked back at his masseur, not sure what to do.

Kurt smiled softly. “I'll step out and let you disrobe, as much as your comfortable with. Then-”

“Um, how much do people normally get, uh, you know...naked?” Blaine was starting to freak out a little.

Kurt continued in his soothing, quiet tones. “Well, most people who are comfortable with massage don't wear anything. You will always be covered, with the exception of what part of your body we're working on. But if you're not comfortable with that, it's not a problem. I'll just...” he indicated with his head that he'd be outside. “Oh, and let's have you start face up, just slip under the covers and I'll come in when you're ready.”

Blaine looked around the room, not really sure about any of this. The guys at the office had gone on and on about how great massage was, but Blaine had gotten the impression that Bill had some hot lady that was giving him a massage massage, and he just felt kind of weird about the whole thing. Getting naked and some stranger putting their hands all over him? And then the stranger turns out to not be some 6' 4” former shot putting Ukrainian woman with a huge wart on her lip, which was less daunting, but... Hmm. Having a really attractive man with a soft and soothing voice wasn't helping, either. He had nice, broad shoulders, though. Slim waist, too. Why was Blaine thinking about that? Oh, right, because it was either stand around and wonder if that creamy skin extended under the white v-neck, or Blaine could get naked and try to not make an ass of himself.

He took a deep breath and pulled his polo over his head and laid it on the chair in the corner of the room, toeing off his shoes – Bill told him to wear simple footwear - and slipping them under the chair. Biting his lip, he pulled his jeans and boxer briefs down in one fluid motion, folded them up and set them on his shirt. He jumped up onto the table and slipped as far down as he could, the blanket up to his arm pits and his eyes screwed shut tight. This was really weird. So...he was supposed to just lay there?

After a moment, there was a faint knock on the door. Blaine cleared his throat and said, “Yeah,” softly, then repeated it a little louder when he realized Kurt hadn't heard him the first time. The door opened quietly and he could hear the sound of Kurt rubbing something into his hands.

“Do you have any allergies for things like cedar, or...?”

“Um, no, only allergic to being embarrassed, ha ha,” Blaine laughed, lamely.

“Mm hm. Okay, just relax.”

Blaine inhaled sharply, staring at the ceiling, and exhaled brokenly.

Kurt picked up a round bolster pillow from under the massage table and lifted up Blaine's feet, sliding the pillow under his knees. “Better?”

“Um, yeah. Yes, thank you.”

Kurt moved behind Blaine's head and began pressing the tips of his fingers into Blaine's temples, then working down to the thick muscle at the corner of his jaw, forcing Blaine's mouth open. He didn't realize how tense his face was, that was crazy – also, that felt really good. This guy had amazing hands; firm, but the pressure wasn't hurting. Huh.

Kurt massaged the side of Blaine's face and along Blaine's brow line for a moment before working his hands through Blaine's hair, massaging his scalp. Blaine bit his lip, trying to not make any noises, but that really was one of his favorite things, and he was so glad he hadn't put any product in his hair because christ that was nice. He told himself to breathe deeply, keeping his eyes closed. He reminded himself to close his mouth and breath through his nose, worried for a minute that he looked like an idiot with his mouth hanging open as Kurt loomed over his face. He smelled nice – clean. Why was Blaine noticing how this guy smelled? That was probably weird.

Kurt moved his hands under Blaine's head, tugging a little to stretch his neck out then working the knots at the base of his head.

“Do you stare at a computer monitor a lot?”

“Hm?” Blaine asked. “Oh, yes. Lately, yes.”

“I can tell. Is it canted to the right?”

Blaine started a bit, then replied, “Uh, yeah?”

Kurt held the weight of Blaine's head in his left hand, his right hand working in circles pressing into the side of his neck, down the top of his shoulder and back again. Blaine began to breathe deeply, trying to time it with the slide of Kurt's hand over the knot in his shoulder, letting out a deep sigh when he felt it go.

Kurt laid both of his hands on Blaine's shoulder, his voice sounding like it was only inches from Blaine's ear and sending a shiver down Blaine's body. “That's better, isn't it?”

“God, yes.” He was not going to nuzzle this stranger's cheek, no matter how freaking amazing that just felt. Or how freaking amazing that sounded. Or how unbelievably good this guy smelled. That was inappropriate. Probably. Rosemary! That was the smell. Focus, focus on breathing. Not breathing him in. Good hell.

Blaine could hear the sound of a pump working, then Kurt was sliding his hands over the thick rounds of Blaine's shoulders, pressing and massaging the muscles across his chest, only to slip back under his body, Kurt's strong forearms parallel to Blaine's spine, lifting him up and pulling backwards, relaxing him further.

Blaine moaned, then clapped a hand over his mouth. “I'm sorry, that just feels amazing.”

A quiet laugh that made something pool warmly in Blaine's stomach was Kurt's response.

“I get that a lot; it's okay. It's supposed to feel amazing.”

“Well, it does, so I'll just shut up and let you get back to it.”

Blaine forced his eyes shut, blaming the heat in his face on the warm blankets piled on his body and the heating pad under him. It certainly wasn't from the little peek he took as Kurt worked his hands back over Blaine's chest only to circle back and around his shoulders, seeing bright blue eyes and perfectly coiffed hair that looked like Blaine's two hands could just sink right into it up to his wrists. It wasn't that. At all.

Blaine began to unwind further as Kurt's ministrations moved to his arms. Kurt took Blaine's forearm and draped it over his knee working his hands into Blaine's triceps and around to his bicep. Blaine moaned a little, then said, “I hope I'm not too tense there, I've started working out again. Um...I just mean I've been sore.”

He really should shut up.

Kurt hummed softly. Blaine chanced a peek and saw that Kurt was smiling. Oh. Well.

“I can tell; you've got a lot of tension just here.” Kurt did something with his fingers near Blaine's armpit and he felt his entire arm relax.

“That's... oh my god.”

“You're actually nice to work on; with your definition, I can really get into the muscle and see that it's working.”

Blaine didn't know why, but that made him feel a little proud. Like Kurt was admiring him. Okay, he needed to rein it in, because that was probably more about Kurt's ability than Blaine's nice arms, no matter how much he wanted to think that was the case. He licked his lips and kept his eyes shut. But...what was the harm, right? If he wanted to think this cute guy liked his arms? Also, how did he not realize just how sore his arms were? And how soon could he come back and maybe he needed to increase his weights and see if that changed how Kurt worked him over. Because he was coming back. This was now a necessary part of living, Blaine was deciding.

Kurt pressed the pads of his thumbs into Blaine's forearms, stripping them of all the tension as he worked. Blaine peeked through his lashes when he heard a chair move, seeing Kurt swivel a stool next to the bed. Kurt took Blaine's hand in his and began massaging the palm, radiating out to each finger. When Kurt tugged on Blaine's ring finger, he said softly, “I'm glad you didn't wear your ring, it prevents me from getting all of your fingers.”

“Oh, I don't have a ring.”


Okay, that was interesting. Blaine was kind of hoping that this guy was fishing a little. Because he had never given it thought before, but now he couldn't help but imagine how amazing it would be to date a masseur. Talk about relaxing at home... But then, how rude would that be? All day Kurt was working his fingers to the bone, only to come home and have Blaine demand more? Then again, Kurt could show him how to do some of this, and maybe Blaine could lay Kurt out, running his hands over Kurt's lithe form, maybe getting some groans and moans out of him, all breathy and high and--

What? Blaine bit back a laugh; he seriously needed to just relax and not project a whole relationship of needy Blaine on this poor guy. This really good looking guy with hands that did amazing things. Strong, large hands. Hands that did some really outstanding things. Christ.

Kurt finished up on the other hand and that's when Blaine felt the blankets move.

“I'm going to work on your legs now, okay?”

“Yeah, uh, that's fine.”

Kurt flipped the blanket off Blaine's right leg, keeping everything from half-way up his thigh covered and warm. Blaine heard the lotion pump again, and tried to keep lewd thoughts at bay because sweet Jehoshaphat, his entire foot was in both of Kurt's soft hands and they were so warm and he didn't even realize that his feet had been hurting until they weren't hurting and why was he scared about this whole thing? This was maybe the best thing he'd ever done for himself.

“Not ticklish?”

Blaine groaned, “Oh, no, not at all. You can do that forever.”

“Hm, well, eventually we're going to have to see how those calves are doing, so...”

Calves? Blaine swallowed and screwed his eyes shut tight, trying to not put the cart before the horse. Big, warm hands on his calves, and then they'd move up even higher and...

There was nothing but a sheet draped over his groin; he really needed to relax and start thinking about his Nana eating fruitcake or picking in her ear, because no. He was not going to get a hard on while getting a massage by this beautiful creature that was touching him in the most awesome way Blaine had ever been touched. They'd probably throw him out in the street naked as punishment for being so disgusting.

He exhaled slowly. Okay, that worked.

Except for how Kurt was now bending his leg, leaning against it and pressing it up towards Blaine's torso. For the love of...

“Do you stretch after working out?”

Blaine blinked, unable to not look at Kurt's face – his really handsome face where it was filled with nice skin and a rosy mouth and really blue eyes and good god, he had a cleft in his chin, just a tiny one and that was something Blaine didn't know he was into and this wonderful face just happened to be a few inches from his own, and Blaine's leg was resting on his god damn shoulder and then Kurt continued leaning towards him, stretching out Blaine's hamstring. And then Jesus jumped up...Kurt licked his bottom lip. He was just inches from Blaine's face.


Kurt looked deeply into his eyes. “You should really make a point of doing that.”

“Yeah. I will. Um.”

Thankfully (sadly?) Kurt put his leg back down and covered it with the sheet again, running his hand down the length of it as he moved to Blaine's other side, because Blaine had two of them – sides - and evidently the gods were cruel. Or kind, he couldn't decide. And he tried to keep his eyes closed, he really did, and he made it all the way through the second foot massage without moaning out loud, and only whimpered a little bit when Kurt worked the knots out of his shins, but then Blaine heard a small grunt from Kurt just as he was stretching Blaine's leg – again, Blaine's ankle hooked over Kurt's shoulder, and didn't that just paint a vivid picture in Blaine's mind – and Kurt's mouth was parted, and his lips were really pink, and his eyes were closed and he had the prettiest, longest lashes...

“Are you okay? Am I pushing too hard?”

Blaine slammed his eyes shut when Kurt opened his. He couldn't even imagine what he must look like. “Nope, no, not at all, that feels amazing. Just...whatever you're doing, you can keep right on doing.” Blaine coughed perfunctorily and focused on breathing slowly.

“Are you sure?”

“Yep! Fine. I'm great. Never better.” Gonna go home with the bluest balls ever, but for now I am perfect-amundo.

He heard Kurt shift, the blanket covered his leg again, and then Kurt was standing by his side, holding the blanket up. Dear god, had the worst happened? Was Blaine...hard? Was Kurt looking? Was he about to get thrown out and shamed?

“Roll over towards me so we can get started on your back. This way, if you're too loopy from the massage--” Kurt smiled at him. “--I'll be able to catch you before you roll off onto the floor.”

“Oh, right. Right.”

Blaine flipped himself over, thankful that if he did sport any wood, he could keep it hidden. Kurt fiddled with the edge of the bed, pushing something into the end.

“Go ahead and scoot up here, and rest your face on this.”

Blaine was confronted with a padded circle. He wriggled his way up to it, pressing his forehead into the cushion.



“Do you want me to work on your glutes?”

“I'm shorry?” Blaine pushed up from the donut-shaped pillow and turned to look at Kurt. Did he just catch Kurt checking out his ass?

“Your glutes?” Kurt nodded towards Blaine's posterior. Oh.

“Um, sure, I guess? Is that normal?”

Kurt covered his mouth briefly, hiding his smile. “Yes. It's normal. I promise that everything that should be covered will stay covered.”

“Oh. Okay, then?” He hoped he didn't sound disappointed. He shouldn't be disappointed. Why was Blaine disappointed? Kurt was about to touch his ass. Well, in a purely clinical way, but hey, he was face down, he might as well relax and enjoy this. He put his face back down on the round cushion, sucking in a little spit as his cheeks pressed into the sides of the support. Real smooth.

Kurt uncovered his leg again, working in long strokes up the back of his leg to the base of his ass, pressing his entire forearm into the muscle. Blaine couldn't help it, he groaned.

“That feelsh amazing, oh my god.” He quietly tried to suck in more spit. These tables weren't as sexy as he'd been led to believe. Not face down, at least.

“Turning you into a believer, am I?”

“Oh yesh.” Blaine hummed out a bar of “I'm a believer,” laughing at himself and smiling a bit when he heard a breathy laugh from Kurt. Kurt cleared his throat and Blaine took a moment to gloat before groaning as Kurt continued his long, powerful strokes up the back of Blaine's thigh.

Blaine's hands dangled limply from the sides of the table as Kurt moved further and further up his leg. He felt the blanket shift more and had a moment of panic before feeling Kurt slide the edge of the sheet under his leg, pulling it up between them so his genitals remained covered. It was a little daunting, knowing his ass was bare - well, half of it - and this guy was about to put his hands all over it.

But was pretty awesome, too. Especially when Kurt began kneading the thick muscle there, eliciting a wanton groan from Blaine. He couldn't help himself; it felt like magic. Kurt was like a professional ass massager. Blaine wondered if this was the endorphin dump Bill had warned him about. He told his mental self to shut the hell up and just enjoy this.

There was a little pain as Kurt worked out knots at the base of Blaine's back at the top curve of the thick muscle.

“Hmm, you're going to need to come back and have these worked more," Kurt said. "There's a lot of crystallization in your muscles. Make sure you drink a lot of water when you leave, okay?”

“Mm hm,” Blaine moaned. Oh, he'd be back. He'd come back tomorrow if he could have this whole experience repeated. He bit his lip when Kurt was bent flush over his body, working his hand and his forearm into Blaine's glutes, aware of the heat pouring off Kurt's body. Kurt should just lay right on top of Blaine, just let all of that awesome warmth seep right in--

Er, was that a normal reaction? Wanting to have this guy just climb on top of him and kiss him breathless? Because that was the reaction Blaine was having, and he was getting to a point where he might need to make something happen, because seriously, this guy's hands were like...other-worldly.

Kurt moved back and put the sheet back to rights and Blaine came down off his high briefly. Okay, maybe it was just the intimacy of having someone rubbing your naked body. It wasn't every day that Blaine Anderson was naked with a strange and beautiful man with hands in new and exciting places. Well, thinking it didn't hurt anything, Blaine supposed. And then, because Mother Nature was unbelievably awesome by making sure he was born a biped, Kurt started the whole glorious process on the other side.

He was having ridiculously naughty thoughts at this point, especially when he felt Kurt's hair brush against the small of his back as he manhandled Blaine's ass. Blaine thought to himself, Yeah, that's right. I have a big, strong ass and it's wearing you down, isn't it, baby? You work those hands. Get that arm up in there, too. You want to grunt, don't you? You want to just let it all out, and by god, you can, mister. He smiled to himself, his face still pressed in the ridiculous donut thing. What was the harm, after all? Blaine could just lie there and let his mind go; maybe that was the key to him really relaxing?

Kurt covered his legs back with the blanket, running his hand down the backs of them to warm them back up and let his hand trail along the Blaine's side until he could flip the blanket down and expose Blaine's back. Blaine shivered a little.


“Um, no-- Well, maybe a bit. Jusht shocked me, that'sh all.” Stupid spit. There really was no way to sound cool with his face smashed into that dumb cushion.

“Well, let's just warm you back up, then.”

Kurt put his knee on the bed next to Blaine's side and laid both hands flat against Blaine's broad back. He started kneading the thick muscles at Blaine's shoulder blades, pulling and pressing, his hands circling back to repeat the whole process.

“Breathe in time with the pressure, okay? It'll help.”

Blaine became even more aware of the circling pressure on his back, breathing in deeply as Kurt flattened his hands, circling up from the base of Blaine's back, up along his spine, and exhaling when Kurt pressed in under the flat edge of the bone of his shoulder blade, running the ball of his thumbs down, only to flatten his hand and repeat the whole wonderful process over again, moving higher and higher. Blaine tried to not be aware of Kurt's knee right by his ribcage, tried to not imagine Kurt swinging his other leg over, straddling him and working his hands up Blaine's back, squeezing his shoulders, pressing his face against Blaine's neck, grinding himself against Blaine's ass as he whispered hotly in Blaine's ear that this could be a “full release” massage if he wanted.

Well, he tried to not think that for all of a nanosecond.

Kurt shifted away, keeping the flat of his hand on Blaine's back as he moved to stand by Blaine's head. Blaine opened his eyes and looked through the center hole of the cushion and was confronted with Kurt's feet. His really large feet. Blaine bit his lip as he looked higher – long, lean legs in white jeans, and Blaine was going to undo all that work Kurt just did if he kept straining to look higher. He sighed and shifted his face back into a comfortable position as Kurt began working on his shoulders again, putting all of his weight into the motion.

It really did feel amazing. He wanted to maybe slip his hands out from under the blanket and reach forward, grabbing Kurt's hips and holding him close. Just hold him, because anyone that could make him feel this amazing deserved a cuddle, what was wrong with tha-ha-haat, dear lord, that was a knot Blaine didn't even realize he had been carrying around, right at the base of his neck and shoulder.

“Better, hm?”

Blaine wanted to cry it felt so good. “Mm hm.”

“You can let it out.”

Blaine twisted his face a little in the cushion before settling back into position. “What?”

“Noise. It's natural to moan. I've actually had people cry in here before.”

“I bet you have...” Blaine muttered.

Kurt continued rolling his hands over Blaine's broad shoulders, loosening him up further. He flattened both hands and ran them all the way down to Blaine's waist – Blaine held his breath at the warmth from Kurt's torso right over him – and then back up, tugging the blanket with him. Kurt stepped away and rubbed his hands over his back again, warming him back up through the blanket.

Softly, he spoke. “Okay. I hope that helped. I'll just be outside waiting for you. Take your time getting up and getting dressed, there's no hurry.”

Dressed? Oh, right. Clothes. Those were a thing. Blaine rolled over, rubbing a hand on his face, knowing he had a huge, dopey grin plastered there. “That was... I've probably used the word amazing enough, haven't I?”

Kurt smiled, laughing a little, but in a good natured way. “That's okay, that just means I did my job.”

Job. Right. This was Kurt's job. Blaine came back to earth with a crashing thud as the door silently closed. He lay on his back, blinking into the semi-darkness, feeling like a bag of wet noodles. He laughed a little, forced himself to standing, and stumbled as he tried to tug his clothes back on. There was a mirror against the door; he checked his face, rubbing at the marks left from the face support. His hair was in crazy curls standing straight up. He sighed and tried to flatten them as best as he could.

The carpet was soft on his feet and--

Shoes, right. He went back to the chair and slipped his shoes back on, noticing the little sign tucked away indicating how much an average tip was. Well, he wasn't going to be average. He pulled his wallet out of the back of his jeans and grabbed twice the amount on the card, then stopped himself. Would Kurt think that was odd? He didn't want to be weird about it. Generous, yes, but creepy generous? Was there such a thing as creepy generous? Probably.

He put some of the money back – still a good tip, but nothing weird, he hoped - and slipped it into the envelope, taken from the stack that was discretely tucked away by the essential oils.

He opened the door to find Kurt standing there, biting on his thumb. As soon as the door opened, Kurt straightened up, his nervous look replaced with a bland smile. Oh, was it now? Blaine leaned one arm against the doorway, a little bit of a swagger in his smile. He handed over the envelope to Kurt with what he hoped was a charming gesture.

“That was outstanding. I need to do this more often.”

“Yes, actually, you do,” Kurt replied, handing him a bottle of water after cracking the lid off. “I would recommend you come back every week, and for the next one, I'd say you need two hours. You're very tense and it would do you a world of good. And thank you,” Kurt smiled at the envelope and tucked it away in his pocket.

He didn't even open it and see how awesome Blaine was at tipping.

“Two hours?” Blaine said. “Hoo, I think I'd pass out. But it sounds awesome! So...when is your next available appointment?”

Kurt was...blushing? “I'm sorry, but this was my last day here.”

“Are you going to a different location?” Blaine was flailing internally. He told himself to shut up, he was sounding like a creepy stalker. He just wanted to sound supportive, and hey, people like Kurt needed a steady client base, right? That wouldn't be weird? “Because I don't mind driving, not for something that makes me feel that relaxed.”

Blaine tried to make his grin relaxed, like, hey, massage? Pretty cool. You know. For some naked hot dude rubbing-- Hey, massage? It was all right, he guessed? Dear god, please don't let his face look as desperate as he felt.

Kurt coughed a little, covering his mouth with his hand. “Um, no actually. I'm opening my own spa. No more physical labor for me,” he smiled.

“Oh. Well.” Blaine felt like he'd been sucker-punched.

Kurt looked down the hallway, seeming to decide something. “Here's my card. We'll be open in a few weeks. Just in time for you to come in and have Kelly work you. I've trained her on my little shiatsu-Swedish technique you had today.”

Blaine took the card, barely giving it a glance. “Oh, okay, then. Well, thank you.” He stretched his arm out, rotating his shoulder a little to show how loose he was. “That was still amazing, even if I'm not going to get a repeat, ha ha.”

Kurt looked like he was trying to keep himself from saying something; he kept glancing at Blaine's hand, the one with the card in it.

“Just be sure to drink a lot of water today, okay? And, um, don't lose my card!” Kurt walked to the reception desk, giving Blaine a little half wave.

Blaine felt crestfallen. Well, it had been a lovely fantasy while it lasted, and he could already see himself replaying that whole experience later tonight when he was all alone in bed. All by his lonesome. Maybe he could stop off at the store and pick up some rosemary scented lotion. God, he really was being creepy, wasn't he?

Blaine smiled and drank some of his water, holding it up to show Kurt he was being good and following instructions. Some of them, at least. He pushed through the heavy wooden doors, blinking back at the glaring sun. He walked the short distance to his car, flopped in the front seat and finally looked down at the card Kurt had handed him. It had a hand written phone number on the back with the words, “It would be unethical for me to give you my number if I was still your masseur.” Kurt had doodled a winking smiley face next to the number.

Blaine looked up and over at the spa doors, an even dopier grin spreading across his face. Oh, he'd be calling Kurt, that was for sure. He wiggled his toes, sighing at how relaxed he felt again. Yep, getting a massage was the best thing he'd been forced into, ever.

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  • Random

    Back from a quick and mostly unplanned trip to DC for the girls' Spring Break. The Mr. threw it all together and sprung it on us last minute. It was…

  • Wednesday Random

    For whatever reason, I scheduled a million (three) appointments with various doctors yesterday and felt like a prize-winning pig by the end of it.…

  • BORED NOW [a list of random things]

    I am bored. I want to get a backpack of essentials and disappear for about three years, just wander the world Cane-style. [pan flutes] It's that…