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One week from now, I'll be sitting in First Class with a mimosa and a pocket full of dreams

And so begins my mad preparation to fly out to NYC next Monday to spend an entire week seeing amazing plays (Sleep No More, How to Succeed, Book of Mormon, in that order) going to museums with my own personal docent, drinking way too much coffee, eating plenty of delicious foods that I will not have to prepare myself, talking non-stop with my awesome travel partner flaming_muse and basically enjoying myself. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ME.

I need to finish shopping this week so I have a new wardrobe - I spent the past three months kicking my fitness into over-drive, because I was NOT going to buy new clothes only to have to buy new clothes again, if I dropped more inches. So. I'm pretty much physically/health-wise where I want to be (baring the last of that wretched sinus infection of December kicking the crap out of me) and I am going to spend an entire day trying on some jeans until I find the ones that don't make me want to stab things. (And I'm good on suggestions, now. Thanks!)

Hey NYC peeps: there hasn't been any snow, right? I'm thinking what footwear will be best for tramping all over the city during the day.

Is this the most exciting post ever? YES. If you're a shut in without internet, it is. OH, FUN TIMES HERE: so someone left me a comment over the weekend wanting to know what all the "Twilight" stuff and me was about. Got forty hours? And I realized that when I switched over my journal's layout last week (all the LJ changes made me grumpy and not like my layout - there are a few Easter Eggs hidden in the new design, because I'm a nerd like that) that my sticky post disappeared that had the LDS Sparkledammerung linked. So that's back. And I clicked the link to make sure it worked (as you do) and found myself reading the comments.

I FORGOT HOW MANY AWESOME TROLLS THAT SERIES OF POSTS GOT. Good lord, the best was the "how dare you insult this story, 10,000 fangirls are now going to eff your ess up!" *spittle* Wow. Or the ones that were just so, so sad for me and all of my rage directed at the Great and Benevolent LDS church, and pathetic that I have time to write my feelings out on the internet. Because that anonymous comment you wrote out? Where you had to answer a captcha to get approved? And how you read the whole post? That wasn't a waste of time. LOL.

I REMEMBER WHAT I WANTED TO SAY LAST WEEK!! Buffy fen: remember Xander's wowed/shocked/awed "Spdoinkle!" HEY GUESS WHAT THAT IS FROM and I feel ashamed for not remembering. Because it's a SONG. In a MUSICAL. Cannibal: The Musical, to be exact. (Matt and Trey's first effort back in the early 90s. It's alright. Orgazmo is better.) So that made me happy thinking Joss is a Matt-n-Trey fan. <3

Okay, these recaps aren't going to write themselves, back to work! (Top Chef coming later today!)
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