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Hell of a way to get back to work.

By which I mean Hoarders, of course. The recap from last night is up, and I will just say right now that I spent a good portion of the episode choked up and crying - there is an unbelievably positive story waiting for you, if you read. Just... wow. (And yes, once again Matt Paxton and I had a great chat about the show because we are so best friends, you guys. Haha.)

And in a 180 from that, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap will be up by 2pm. That one won't have you crying. Well, not for the same reasons, ha ha ha.

Melissa is back recapping The Bachelor, and this season looks like a doozy.

In completely unrelated news, I would like to state that I won a death match last night. I got into a fight on Twitter with Breckin Meyer. (OMG, he pussed out and didn't let me lay into him, though!) I decided that my New Year's resolution would be unmitigated hatred for a random person, and his name popped up on my "You should totes be BFF with this twitter account!" on my sidebar, and I looked at that and said: no. I SAID NO.

No, I will NOT be friends with him. Why? Why not Skeet Ulrich? Why not some other random actor from the 90s that made no dent on the pop culture landscape? So I called him out. And he told me to bring it. (No, really.) And then I DID. And he...cried in a corner? Ignored me? Who knows, because he let me win. Tchuh. Pussy.

Now I guess I have to find someone else to have an epic battle of epicness with. Tony Robbins? YOU'RE ON NOTICE.
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