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Friday random

I just got back from shopping, and boy, was today the day to be there. All the new things are rolling out, no one was there (barring the eighty thousand screaming children. I don't know how three babies managed to sound like 80,000, but they did. And I got jeans! Four pair! A schnazzy tuxedo jacket! Shoes! Make up! Sweaters and shirts and a new purse and frilly panties and new bras and I feel like a princess! Well, if I didn't have a zit on my forehead and no make up and a shlubby tee shirt where I realized half-way through my trip you can see my bra through it - classy. At least I was smart and didn't swing into Tin Star and grab a veggie quesadilla before I tried on pants. Like i did on Wednesday. Derp.

Now I don't have to buy things for ages. AMEN. Then I pick up my lovely 3/4 length wool coat from the tailor's tomorrow and I am all set for New York City. I've dl'd loads of things for my Kindle, I have warm layers, and a KLAXON WARNING CLANGING ALARM on my phone to make sure I have the tickets to all of our shows zipped in my purse, safe and sound.

All that's left is to buy a gold glitter sharpie for the Book of Mormon casts' autographs, because that is the Stage Door I am willing to stand by. Thanks for making the theater experience awful for everyone, Darren Criss fangirls - way to be unmannered and tacky. (People are leaving before the musical ends to race to the stage door so they can be "first." Unfuckingbelievable. Not to mention the screaming and crying. IT IS A FANDOM OF TOOTIES. DARREN IS NOT JERMAINE JACKSON, GIRLS.*

*omg, that was my favorite episode of Facts of Life, when Mrs. Garrett was freaked out by Tootie freaking out over Jermaine Jackson and Tootie brought a gift of homemade things to him and the bodyguards threw it away in case it was a bomb and she sobbed and sobbed. The acting is SO TERRIBLE. It's hilarious to watch it now.

flaming_muse and I have a pretty packed schedule of awesome on our plate. I'll most likely post things to my twitter or tumblr, for people who want to be spammed. :D (@StoneyboBoney and heydontjudgeme, respectively.)

Hoarders is going to be recapped by a guest on Monday (sheafrotherdon) and Sally is going to cover Top Chef, and again: THANK YOU LADIES. First vacation for me since last April. SO NEEDED. Don't break things while I'm gone!



Jan. 7th, 2012 01:41 am (UTC)
I love really loud cell phone alarms. They are my savior when I have to get up super-early.
Jan. 7th, 2012 02:37 am (UTC)
This is my normal alarm. :D

OoooOOoooh Cadillac, and Tom Cruise! LOL forever.


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