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Links to entertain you while Wikipedia is down

SOUTHLAND. I love it. I love the characters something fierce. I was not disappointed with the season opener last night. RECAP IS HERE. If you weren't aware of how dark and gritty that show is, now you do. So. There's your warning for all things Bad.

I actually didn't hate Glee (link to recap) last night (even though Will Schuester continues to be INAPPROPRIATE. Oh my god.) There are some good discussions picking up in comments over at HDJM (I have smart readers.)

I am SO HUNGRY and I am going to make tacos from wild boar that cooked down for hours the other night. NOM NOM NOM.

ION, today is not just Thesaurus Day, it's also my anniversary. We're going to crack open a bottle of wine that we bought on our 10th anniversary and enjoy. (That's my husband in my icon. He's awfully fetching and pulchritudinous. I find I am still quite enamored.)

ETA I've had a bit of a family emergency, so I'll do everything I can to have Top Chef up tomorrow. Head's up for any inconvenience to your morning read, is all. :)
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