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Ode to good friends

Number One: the second person that friended me on LJ is also the best feedbacker on the web. A romantic at heart, a beautiful woman with a beautiful family, and everything she writes makes me smile. Positive, dreamy, romantic, and beautiful. I mean, how much perfection can be crammed into one person? Today she is older, and I hope her birthday has been lovely.

Happy birthday, jamalov29.

Number Two: I received a package in the mail today from another lovely, supportive, talented, funny friend. Chocolates, a whimsical scarf (and it smells GOOD), a WEE SLINKY!!, a wee Bear with a wee book!!! a picture frame in a whale shape (I get it!), mini crayons (they're WEE!!) and a mini pillow and purse, filled with candy. AND A GALAXY CHOCOLATE BAR! OMG! But the absolute most wonderful thing in this whole package of wee goodies (guess what I like? Things that are wee.) is a FORTUNE TELLING FISH!! Do you remember these? Red cellophane fish, hold it in your hand, the tail or head wiggling means you're hot in the sack or a lump of clay? HA! mirasol, you are truly wonderful and you made my day. CHOCOLATE!! Paper flowers!

I'm so happy....
*hugs her flist 'til it squeaks*

And LOST is tonight! Boone and Sticks incest, maybe! Blech!
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