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My husband asked if I wanted to go shopping yesterday. ALWAYS! But that meant (for him) we go to Verizon and shop for better wifi/phone plans. KILL ME NOW. If I believed in hell, it would be populated by salesmen with never-ending pitches, and the music over the speakers would be "Believe" by Cher. And Van Halen's "Jump." That, to me, is hell.

The Hoarders recap is up, and I want to caution some of you that Carrie's story deals with sexual abuse. Skip the fifth - eighth paragraph if you want to read about her remarkable turn around, but don't want to read about her past.

[ETA] And feel free to rec or share links to the Hoarders discussions. :)

RHoBH is due later, and tonight: TUNE IN TO SOUTHLAND, for the love of all that's holy and good. If you were a fan of The Wire or Homicide, this is the show for you. If you just love smart and gritty story-telling, this is the show for you. (I'll have the recap up tomorrow am.) And for those that asked, the American Horror Story finale was missing due to a snafu. Sam will have that up today. :D (Thanks for bringing that to my attention, also!)

I had Godiva truffles yesterday (my husband's apology for making me want to poke things with sharpened sticks) and I'm still on a sugar high. Also, I got a BAD ASS DEAL on some Riedel stemware at Williams-Sonoma. Normally two glasses are about $49, and I bought EIGHT for THIRTY DOLLARS. Thirty smackaroos. Triente dolares. Muy bien! Why? Because the box had a bend in the corner. The glasses were in perfect condition, but the box was "ugly." I DO NOT CARE, IT'S GOING TO THE RECYCLE BIN. You may have heard strange dolphin noises yesterday - that would have been me.

AND YES I CHRISTENED THEM LAST NIGHT. (Markham Cab Sav, yet again. It's a quality red, gotta say.)
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