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Top Chef! And a request from your loving friend.

(That's me. I'm the loving friend! SURPRISE! But first...)

FIRST: Top Chef! - The Recap Oh, my heart was broken in the "Last Chance Kitchen" series online (I won't spoil you. Also, I used Invisio-Text on the website) but I continue to stand by my other alliances.

SECOND: A Plea. I don't know if you realize that a lot of ratings are done through social media, but they are. Glee? They knew it was a hit because of how crazy it was on Twitter, Tumblr, etc. That's the new medium for a new generation of viewers. Nielson's are going away, social networking is the new gauge.

This is also true for, say, start up websites like mine. So when you share links on your blogs, on your tumblrs, tweet them, post to facebook... That brings a TREMENDOUS amount of traffic and interest in our site. And when you bring interest to our site, that includes great things like...investors and advertisers (they don't want to spend money on a site that doesn't get a lot of traffic, you see.)

Because here's the goal: I am trying to make a place for writers to earn money doing thing they love - talking about shows they love. It's all love there, there's no hate, no bashing... We love what we watch and we love talking about it in a fannish way. That's where we're different from, say, TWoP where they hate some of the things they recap/review. And who doesn't want more fannish love of things in media?

(And psst! If I can get paid advertising on my site - don't even mention Google Ads, they are DEAD TO ME - if I can get paid advertising on my site, I can not only pay the girls that work so hard to bring you entertaining reads, but we can join the TV Critics Association. We'll be legit. ALSO: WE WILL GET TO GO TO THE CONVENTIONS WHERE NEW SHOWS ARE DEBUTED. And finally get screeners! And talk to the writers, producers, and actors! Which means we can bring YOU recaps and discussions faster with inside information! BUT STILL IN A FANNISH WAY.

How awesome is that? And here's how easy it is: click "Like" on the bottom of recaps. Click "+1" while you're at it. Make with the clickity on Twitter. Share it on Reddit or Tumblr. Please link to us on your LJs, your facebooks. It's a button click, for the most part, and it helps us out TREMENDOUSLY. Please?

In the worlds of Bartles & James (omg, I am old) We thank you for your support. :)

THIRD: Someone took some quotes from "Where There's Smoke" and made some fun art around them. Very cool!
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