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I've made the Spock "huh?" face multiple times already

1) I encountered my first "fangirl" for the show SouthLAnd on HDJM. (Maybe it's a guy? IDK.) For those of you that watch the show (which should be everyone) I think we all can agree that the writing is spectacular. Every tv critic agrees with that. Um, this new reader of the site (and I'm very grateful for the clicks! VERY.) thinks there are loads of continuity errors and shoddy characterization, and John Cooper is the worst. Insert HUH? face here. Because...WTF? It's just interesting. The completely opposite perspective. *cough*
2) Aside from that, the few comments we're getting are incredibly thoughtful and interesting. Smart shows = smart viewers. Typically. That's awesome.
3) Thank you to each of you that read my post yesterday about how to best support HDJM by clicking and sharing via social networking. We had a significant increase in traffic from various sources, so SEE? IT WORKS!! <3 <3 <3
4) And *cough* If ever you feel inspired, a drop in the ol' tip jar is always awesome. <-- that is very hard for me to say, so. I won't bring it up again for a while, promise.
5) If my cats wake me up at 4am one more time (just for cuddles!!) I am going to make a fur stole out of them. I won't, but GAH. Smidgen puts her paws right in the center of my bewb then touches my lips with her wet, cold nose. Then head butts me. STOP BEING ADORABLE AFTER HURTING ME. And LET ME SLEEP. *cries*
6) The Boy turns sixteen on Sunday. And he's currently sick. So it looks like his party is cancelled for now. :( (I have a sneaking suspicion that it's tonsillitis, too. Wah. Dr.s in a bit.)
7) Parks and Rec continues to be one of the best comedies on TV, and Leslie Knope is a hero for all girls, everywhere. If you're not watching, you should be.
8) [will not put in Violent Femmes reference] It is luvxander's birthday today! I have had the pleasure of going out dancing with CJ (Writercon Atlanta, holla!) and CJ, you are a DELIGHT. One of the sweetest, funniest guys on LJ. Oh, the southern sass, how I love it. I hope you step away from the books this weekend and fully enjoy yourself. <3 (I'll spend the day writing Klaine in your honor.)
9) I've slowly, but surely, been adding my "decent" fics to the AO3 well, and some of the better "crack" fics. Ha. I'm a big fan of that site. And thanks to everyone for the search help Wed.
10) Oh, Laws, it's the weekend! YAY SLEEPING IN. *gives cats the stink eye*
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