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Man, I loved that show. If only to sing along with the theme song. And if you don't know that I love Pee Wee's Big Adventure (and am not even ashamed that I can quote it top to bottom; Phil Hartman helped write the script!) then you don't know me at all. *cries* (Um, and please note that Pee Wee invented the iPad. Ahem. Okay, the concept. Still. <3)

So Pee Wee was on Top Chef Texas last night (and as I got together with a friend and we stayed up drinking and talking until after midnight - cry! - I've been racing and playing catch-up all morning. HERE IS THE RECAP.

Ringer is back, and Janey is on those recaps again. Make with the "like" and such to show appreciation, muchas gracias! <3
SouthLAnd - loads of people reading the recap, but no one wants to talk to me? Why do you hurt me, internet friends?
Merlin is soon to be up, so be sure to share love with Melody!

I am so hungry I could eat your face. I won't. But if something doesn't appear soon, it could get ugly, just be prepared.
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