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I could use another massage. HEY LIFE: SLOW DOWN.

I have had an incredibly ridiculous past 36 hours and plan on making sweet, sweet love to a bottle of wine shortly. It's happy hour somewhere.

The Glee recap was up last night by 10:30 (pats self on the back) and let me just tell you how freaking delicious the cocktail is: it's a flaming margarita body shot. WHAT?! YEAH. So get on over there and clickity, you can thank me for the laughs and drinks later. AND HEY IT IS REALLY FUNNY, BY THE WAY. *pats self on back*

SouthLAnd was surprisingly (not really) layered last night (it's always layered) and the whole storyline with the homeless guy was heartbreakingly wonderful. THAT SHOW IS AMAZING, GUYS. The final messages is whether or not being a mother "fixes your life." So I had a few things to say about that, as well.

Jane got her Ringer recap up, so head on over and show some love for her, too. It's picking up steam, right? SMG is popping up all over the place, and Andy Cohen of BravoTV loooooves her and the show, so that bodes well for Buffy.

Time for me to lay on my back and do nothing for thirty solid minutes. (Cue tornado. Or home invasion. IDK. *head desk*)

[ETA] And THANK YOU for the sympathy yesterday. The fun never starts stops! I have a Big Carl of wine. I should be fine in a bit...
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