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Why does my dog smell?

She smells AWFUL. I think she is rolling in a dead animal. But where is the dead animal? In case you failed to realize how gross dogs are, there's your reminder. They set aside special time to really lick their butts. Like, candles and slow-jams special time. You know the scene in the Muppet Movie when Steve Martin unscrews the wine cap and lets Kermit sniff? Dogs would do that with their butt holes if they had opposable thumbs. They would walk around with their unscrewed buttholes offering their particular vintage to anyone. (Cats just jam that shit in your face.)

Proverbs 26, people. Dogs are grody. (I wish she didn't have such a sweet face. I want to hate her for smelling.)

HEY WHO WANTS TO TALK ABOUT TOP CHEF NOW? Everyone? That makes sense; I set the stage so well...

Speaking of my website, we had a BANNER DAY yesterday: over 22,000 hits. In about nine hours, to boot. THAT IS AWESOME. Thank you, everyone, for supporting my ladies! I'm so glad that shows like Spartacus and Ringer are getting a lot of attention. (Not to mention Merlin, SouthLAnd, etc.)

What cracks me up is how people find us. Top Search Terms:

  • Sherlock Holmes BBC

  • Hey Dont Judge Me

  • Spartacus Blonde slave girl

  • place cock in ass

  • what does og mean southland

  • lady sitter kyle

  • tiberius place cock in ass

  • blonde slave girl

  • slave girl blonde spartacus vengeance (I'm seeing a theme...)

  • fuck you in the other eye

  • and I'm not making this one up:
  • this week klaus and elijah ask stefan and damon out on a double-date and try to romance them with wine and food and a roaring fire. we all know that klaus has been crushing on stefan since the 1920s but i think elijah is starting to show a definite interest in damon. and who wouldn’t with the way he flirts with absolutely everyone? if the show continues to give us this much pretty in every episode i may never get off my couch.

Okay, gonna wash the dog in vinegar and then go find what is making her reek. MY LIFE IS TRES GLAMOROUS, NON?
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