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Is today special or something?

First off, Hoarders recap with a former science teacher that had all sorts of specimens in her house. (Some cool, some...not.) The cause/effect of her mental illness was so evident. I love how this show demystifies mental illness. LOVE.

Second, eh, Valentines. My husband and I are going out for a nice lunch because we both have work tonight. Hey, we share love all the damn year, Hallmark isn't the boss of me. :)

Third, Spartacus continues to be the most popular recap on our site right now, which is AWESOME. Supernatural is neck-and neck. (Warning on that link: CLOWNS.) hahaha. Oh, Xander, punch him again. [/old fandom]

Fourth, Walking Dead is POSTED, there have been weird technical difficulties with the recapper and the back end BLAH BLAH nerd stuff no one cares about, but it's coming.

Last, I finally got my shipment of booze wine from a small vineyard in Napa, so I now have a few cases of vino staring at me. WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO.

(To those that care, happy Valentines! To those that don't, CHOCOLATE IS 75% OFF TOMORROW!!!)
Tags: hey don't judge me, recap: hoarders

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