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  • It is dancetomato's birthday! Oh, DT, you are one of those people online that makes me happy knowing you're alive. Keep having birthdays, please. <3 <3

  • I want to reiterate the purpose of Hey, Don't Judge Me: fannish love. If you want to make fun of shows or bitch about how horrible something has become, that's what ONTD and TWoP are for, not Hey, Don't Judge Me. Creepy fannishness (as in, if one thing doesn't go how I like with X character, I am going to post 1000 words on why I hate the show and everything about it) isn't tolerated. Character bashing isn't tolerated (Well, Will Schuester being inappropriate is okay to talk about because come the hell on.) I recently had to tell someone in comments that if they felt a certain way - which they're entitled to feel, of course - then they should a) maybe stop watching the show (Southland) and b) stop commenting on my site.

    Bad PR? I don't care. I want there to be ONE PLACE ON THE INTERNET where people can be happy with shameless love for something. There's no judgement for whatever you love - it's in the title of the URL for crying out loud.

  • A girlfriend needs my help today, so I'm running out the door for a bit, then it's off to the school with The Mr. to put the smack down on the school for their handling of yesterday's situation. I said this earlier, but if you hear a sonic boom, that's what it is from. :)

  • I am working on not using two spaces after a period. It's not easy. [/learned on actual typewriters OMG]

  • flaming_muse wrote a super sweet (and heart-achy) episode tag fic for The Spanish Teacher (Glee 3.12) and you should read it: Feelings. I haven't steered you wrong yet, have I? Exactly.

  • I pulled a muscle in my neck so badly that I can't turn my head. Muscle relaxers and hot tubbing are in my future. Mind, I'm not complaining about that.

FRIDAY ZOMG. Hoorays! (And THIS made me laugh - as I say there - until snot-streams waterfall'd off my face. SO NSFW. - the audio, not the image.)


The Mr. cut right to the chase after the handshake. The principal hadn't even sat down when he said, "I feel that you and the Coach are enabling sexual harassment."

The counselor (who knows us from our older two kids) popped in and asked if she could sit in and record the meeting. YES, YES YOU CAN.

After the Mr. laid out why our daughter shouldn't have been punished for defending herself, and why it was wrong for the boys to go unpunished, the principal blinked a bit and said, "You're absolutely right. We didn't get all of the information. Emily seemed quite mortified to be in trouble--"

"Because she's never been in trouble before, she's a lovely young lady," the counselor interjected. <3

"Right," Principal nodded. "So now that we have further information from you - (I filled her in on the actual noises made, etc.) - we can address this with the boys and the coach to make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen again."

Blah blah blah, she learned that she didn't actually know Emily, the counselor came around and gave us both huge hugs and asked if we would tell #2 and The Boy hello from her and how much she misses them, and the new Principal watched all of this very thoughtfully. Yeah, we're not asshole that ignore our kids' education. We just haven't had to come to the school this year because our kid is such a non-trouble maker/good student with her head down.

So. She shook our hands, her eyes very wide with the Mr. (who can be very imposing, I must say - he exudes authority, rawr) and all manner of assurances were made that she'll keep her eye out on our daughter and how wonderful it is that we teach our kids to stand up for themselves, etc.

Long story short: I'm satisfied. :) (And the office girls came out to say Hi to us, too. We're good citizens, damn it. We've been with this elementary since the year it opened for crying out loud.)
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