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Happy President's Day!

I hope all Americans are getting their mattresses at deep discounts, just like our forefathers would have wanted. And for those watching the show (or just enjoying the recaps) Kristi's Walking Dead recap went up at 5am. (She's dedicated. Also, she's editing the typos right now, lol. NO NEED TO CORRECT HER, okay? We have an official editor now, thx.)

Also: Liz's hilarious Spartacus recaps, The Vampire Diaries, Merlin and Supernatural = all waiting for you. <3

So I almost died this weekend. (Not really.) I pulled a muscle in my neck and shoulder and took a muscle relaxer and then sat in the hot tub, cranked up to 102 (which means it got to 106.) I couldn't read the book I had on my Kindle when the screen started to steam (I have it in a ziplock bag, I'm smart like that) so I set it aside and floated my arms out as I sat on the bench.

Cut to however long later when I woke up as my face slipped under the water. WHEE! Wow, did I feel super relaxed, though. Mmm, drugs and steam.

It's grey and windy and cold out, the kids are scrubbing their bedrooms (never tell me you're bored! NEVER.) and I've added a good 3000 words to my ever-growing fic and I am feeling quite lovely about things. Even though every Klaine fic I'm writing lately is like writing the alternate universe that I wish I lived in.

It all begins with this album cover, and this was my most favorite thing to listen to as a little girl, with Barbara Streisand's Evergreen hot on its heels. (Such a child of the 70s...)

That was my dream home in NYC. I had an entire world made up from that album cover when I was five years old. The cat was Doka, I had all of my favorite records on a shelf with bricks and plywood, there was a fishnet with shells and a starfish on the wall (just like in my house!) a macramé owl plant holder (just like in my house!) and I was a writer and a singer and I had hard wood floors with pretty rugs everywhere and I didn't have to share anything (I had bunk beds with my older sister).

When I was a teenager, I still wanted all of this, except I was an actress/writer on SNL. I could play music as loud as I wanted, I could sleep in or get up really early, I could go anywhere, come home anytime, I could have friends over or be completely by myself. I had all of the wonderful things of NYC at my fingertips and damn, that still sounds ideal.

I love my family and my life (most of the time.) But I still love that alternate me that doesn't have to answer to anyone and walks barefoot through my amazing loft apartment with my tabby at the windowsill. (I've never had a tabby, can you believe that? One day, and she will be named Doka. I have no idea where that name came from, I always had an imaginary pet named that as a little kid.)

SIGH. So instead I'll just write about imaginary characters living the imaginary life I wish I had had.

Dead Science: making a people splitter so people can live dual lives for a period of time, then come back together would be pretty sweet. Except for how it would end. Hmm, maybe just a shared consciousness, then, and let them carry on with their own worlds?

Signed, Me.

I feel like making old school popcorn. Who wants theirs with freshly grated Parm and black pepper?
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