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1. it is so lovely today. 72 right now, not a cloud in the sky, and I've been cleaning out the garden all morning and getting happy. YAY PLANTS.
2. I love spring.
3. I spent some time this weekend going through submissions and found two new writers that I'm really excited about. One is already posting, Michaela, and she's recapping WHITECHAPEL. She's an old RPG buddy of mine, is too clever by half, and will be backfilling all of the previous episodes.
4. The other new writer continues the non-US show theme, Laura M, and she's working on the Canadian show "Bomb Girls" which looks AWESOME.

One thing I love about the folks that write successful recaps: you come away feeling like you've seen the show. (A lot of people who read us don't get certain programs, so they rely on the recap. And also like the humor. NICE.)

5. Our other Cannuck who recaps Merlin has her post up
6. Spartacus - our current tour de force on the site - is also up. (Even the show's WRITER reads these. Yeah, she's awesome.)
7. Walking Dead will be posted later this afternoon - only two episodes left!

Last, the Mr. is performing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in April (damn, son!) and also a big performance at the House of Blues the night before. And it's 99.9% positive that I can get a VIP ticket and be there with him. Which is bad ass. BECAUSE HEY A LITTLE GROUP CALLED THE BEASTIE BOYS WILL BE INDUCTED. ALSO RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. AND GUNS AND ROSES. So I'm going to do my best to be BFF with all of those guys, because that's how it works, right? O_O (freaking the hell out with excitement.)

Also, lol, I thought I posted this about three hours ago. DERP. How do you innernats?


Mar. 6th, 2012 01:47 am (UTC)
Who is the Mr. playing with? That is completely awesome. Someone in my office is a programmer by day, trumpeter by night. He's part of Aretha Franklin's house band.

Being there for that show is going to be mind blowing.


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