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Super Tuesday!

Because I'm getting my hurrs did, not because of anything political.

1. Hoarders last night had an interesting couple - the husband claimed an IQ of over 200, thus he was incapable of being "mentally ill." They had - wait for it - half a million books in their home. No visible walls. One narrow channel through all of the books. DAMN. Only one episode left in the season.

2. Other recaps posted, The Walking Dead with a hell of an ending. Whitechapel - which has quickly become our third most popular page on the site. We just added it on Friday. Damn, we need to get this show in the states!

3. I just brought on a new writer that is going to recap the entirety of Dexter over the next few months, then hit the seventh season in September with us. I've wanted Dexter on the site for ages, and now we're going to have it. WHOO HOO!

4. Mad Men is also slated to join HDJM, which is awesome.

5. I have some fic recs to post later today, but that will have to wait because I need to get to work, and then get to my stylist and have a gab session. He's fabulous (as you'd expect.)

(And eh meh ghed, Game of Thrones draws ever near!! I AM EXCITE FOR THE SHOW.)
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