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Links and fic recs

First, links:

SouthLAnd was amazing last night. Ooooh, did some story arcs get a hell of an advance in this ep. Come talk to me about it!

The Bachelor's reunion show has a recap up, as well as the one for SMASH. (And there are some good discussions happening in The Walking Dead!) [ETA] And RINGER just went up! :)

Recs: (of the Klaine variety, obv.)

flaming_muse wrote a fic (There But For The Grace Of...) regarding the attempted suicide of a side character on the last episode of Glee that approaches the topic from the POV of Burt. It's achingly beautiful, as her writing tends to be, but I think it's important to read, as well. It's good for teens to know just how much they mean to their parents, and it's important for parents to realize that our kids aren't living in the same world we did - how hard it is to let your child stand on their own two feet. Even if you don't follow the show, you might consider reading just for the reaffirmation that there is deep and abiding love in the world. <3

It's more about the people in your life that you love (and who love you) than it is about the attempted suicide, if that's an issue for you.

robotsfighting is another under appreciated writer that has a wonderfully lyrical quality to her writing. "Since the Day We Found You" is Blaine realizing that the Hudmel House is his home. That they are his family. Beautiful and will make you want to curl up with someone you love.

Why she isn't showered with comments, I'll never understand. Support talented writers so they'll continue to write beautiful stories.

By kivrinengle, set in Dalton, "Of Frenchmen and Fractals" where the love affair for Kurt is for learning. LOVED this.

And lastly, for your porning needs, cimmerians wrote some RPS (so head's up) called Full Disclosure that made me fan myself. I do enjoy her fics, even if they make me feel bad for breaking my "No RPF" rule. ;)

(I know there are loads of stories out right now that everyone is slobbering over, but I just can't deal with weak writing. Even if the story is compelling. Stop head hopping! Read over what you've written and edit the damn misspells and repeated sentences! Know your characters!! Holy crap, is there some bad characterization out there.) There is one WiP that I'm eagerly following, but fear that the huge, yawning gaps between updates are going to sully the story, so I'll rec it once it's finished to help you not lose character/story arc. Another WiP on the GKM is compelling for the story, but I'm waiting for that to be finished and hopefully beta'd and reposted before reccing that one.

Now I go in search of tacos.
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