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Good morning!

[Obligatory whine about Daylight savings even though I don't mind it at all, it just seems like the thing to do]

The kids are all on Spring Break this week, which means everyone is still in bed. I have no problems with this. We're watching a friend for the week, too, which makes things more fun. Who wants to be with their boring siblings all the time? Exactly.

My sister's husband had a birthday this weekend, and we got to hang with a bunch of friends and be hip for a night. I drank fancy cocktails with my pinky out (that wasn't what made them fancy) and had my hurr did and it was nice to not be a mom for a few hours.

We have some EXCITING ADDITIONS to HDJM, starting today: we have a new writer, Samantha, that is doing a rewatch of all of Dexter starting today - posting once a week, and the last episode will time with the new season's premiere in September. Episode One through Three is ready for you!

Our Merlin recaps continue to be unbelievably hysterical (and seriously, if you're not watching the show, that's fine. You can still enjoy her recaps. Really.) And episode 10 awaits you!

Ringer! NBC's Smash! The unbelievably amazing SouthLAnd! The REALLY GOOD Bomb Girls! (Holy Femmeslash, Canada! Well done.)

AND LAST NIGHT'S THE WALKING DEAD. I bet you're not thinking the same thing about the show after last night, you nay sayers. Get up on this bidness, and show the writers some love. THANK YOU, all of you linking, tweeting, tumbling, and Liking. It means A LOT.

I'm currently sitting on 85K on this fic, and still have the whole ending arc to write. When did I become a novelist? *cries softly*
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