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last recap of Hoarders for the season and I'm crazy [in case you didn't know]

Hoarders last night had a change that I did NOT think would come. (Oh the eggs. IDK if y'all have ever been around chickens, but there is nothing more foul that a gone-over egg.) Recap is here, and I started a discussion about how they match up people on the show. Give me your delicious thoughts!

And don't forget that Matt Paxton - link on the sidebar at HDJM - has FREE podcasts weekly on how to get your place clean (regardless of being a hoarder or not) and is generally hilarious.

The final episode of The Bachelor - the recap to THAT crazy town is up, as well. (Thank you, Mel!)

And our insane star of the blog, Liz, has her Spartacus recap up. In the words of the show's actual-facts writer, "By far the most entertaining ones I read every week." Yeah, I'm never going to let it go that Steven DeKnight reads her recaps AS A WAY TO MAKE HIS LIFE BETTER.

And in the "I am certifiable" corner, I was up late last night re-reading "Where There's Smoke" (I couldn't sleep, okay?) and after finding a typo and fixing it here and on AO3, I got a plot bunny for a one-shot about how Blaine felt meeting Kurt. So...I'll be working on that today. Sorry, garden, you can be weeded another time. *head desk* Because I don't have enough to write as it is...

Whoa. I just added up word counts. Not including work on HDJM, I've written 103,000 words this year so far. O_O
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