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Links and my anxious/obnoxious perpy derg

Loads happened on the weekend at HDJM, so here are your links! (And please PLEASE like, tweet, G+1 things you read. It helps spread the word, and as we're trying to gain legitimate press cred, it'll help us this week as we're being vetted by the TV Critics Assoc. *nail biting*)

The Vampire Diaries!
Bomb Girls! (Um, femmeslashers on my flist? Y'all need to be watching this show, seriously.)
The Walking Dead! (coming, it's in edits right now)

And I'm putting on the Mod Hat it seems more and more over there. Just know: no bashing. No character hate. Stop posting comments just to promote your own fanfiction. Yes, the writers are fans of the show, or they wouldn't be talking about it. (The hell? I've had three people ask that in comments in one week.) I want that site to be about fannish love and fun, interesting discussion. It's not a place for hate on a character, and if you haven't watched the episode, why not wait until you have before commenting about said episode? <-- that one never fails to boggle my mind.

In Sally Derg news, she's a dork. Wait, that's old news. She has SEVERE anxiety when it comes to thunder storms where she whines (oh my god, it's like a fork on a china plate) and hides in my bathroom, shivering. She used to have a "baby" (it got all chewed and destroyed) that she'd "save" when she could sense thunderstorms on the horizon. (Omg, I saw her make a Sophie's Choice between her two "babies" once and it was the most pathetic thing on the EARTH.)

Anyhoodle, I saw something at PetsMart that I thought I'd give a try, as they promised a full refund. It's a Thundershirt.

#2 and I were looking at them when she figured out what it did: it's like Temple Grandin's "hug machine." (I love my kid.) YES. It's a hug. It's a secure feeling, and they don't get paranoid.

So I was skeptical, but willing to give it a try as we had nothing but storms predicted for almost a week. I put it on her on Friday just to get her used to it, and she seemed to think she looked quite sharp. Ha.

I told her to be sassy and let me take a picture:

Today BIG storms rolled in and I found her wrapped around the toilet in the water closet of my bathroom, positively shuddering with fear. I had to drag her physically out of there to put her shirt on, but she IMMEDIATELY left the bathroom and my bedroom with me. I gave her treats for being such a good girl, and then she WENT OUTSIDE WITH ME to get the paper before it got drenched.

She's now chilling in her usual spot, wearing her tee.


I'm floored. Here she is in her Thunder shirt during a storm:

I AM SOLD. (and zomg, please ignore the hideous eczema tile in my house. I hate it. I have three kids, though, so replacing floors is going to have to wait for them to be out of my house.)

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