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Quick Links

Thousand directions today, so here's the link for Southland's Season Finale last night. GOOD LORD THAT SHOW. Warning if you don't watch but read the recaps: there was something in the show that had me absolutely sobbing over how graphic and awful something was. ME. So. I give fair warning, just know that.

There is also the latest Ringer recap (I love how pretty SMG has remained. *dreamy sigh for Buffy*) as well as Smash.

The Dexter series rewatch is getting a lot of great social media attention, which is awesome! Ditto on Bomb Girls - I don't think anyone is talking about that one, not even AfterElton - which is shocking, given the Femmeslash. Show the writers some love! Do it for me! Do it so we can be legitimized (if only in your eyes...) Lol.

Okay, dentist, then back to this fic that WILL NOT END. (OMG, 105K and counting.)

OH! In two weeks we're going to start a rewatch of Southland from the pilot, one ep a week on Wednesday. So if you want to watch/read along with me, that would be aces. (But I need a two week break to put my heart back together...)
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