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Good Morning!

I spent the weekend pulling Bermuda grass out of my flower beds and my fingers were so sore yesterday, that I could barely type. They're still tender today, so I'm typing with my fingers flat and splayed out like some kind of idiot. *tappa tappa tappa* Just how much Bermuda grass? You know those 25 gallon paper refuse sacks you can get at Home Depot? Three of them. THREE. That Scheiße grows DEEP. And you have to get it all, or it just comes back. *cries* Stupid 115F summer where I couldn't get out there and pull it.

So...I'm running a contest for my writers - the top two popular writers for the month (hit count, comments and social media links - so LIKE and +1 and Tumble things you dig!) get a nice big chunk of change on Apr. 1. Won't you help them out by clicking and enjoying their hard work? And as always, we thank you for your support. :)

(I'm on the down-slide of this monster fic. 125K. I'm hoping to get it in by 150. WHAT THE HELL. Why, me? WHY?! And I've been writing alongside my VERY TOUGH beta, flaming_muse who will tell me to cut out things, so... OMG, I just want to be finished.) [/Spike laying on cross...]
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