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Awesome, awesome day, and it's only half-way gone. Got all sorts of tasks accomplished here at the house, had snuggles and reading with Smidgen (seriously. I love my cat to a point of ridiculousness. I've had cats my whole life. She has me. <3) and got a good 3000 words in, and there are more to come.

Today is a writing day with my best writing partner ever (flaming_muse, duh) and we were both so productive it's redonk. I'm jazzed like I've had too much coffee. PLUS, the bearded irises are blooming, I have roses starting to open, and the sun is bright blue outside.

Wherever you are today, I hope you're having a good one. And if not, here are some pictures from last year that are of my garden - who doesn't love flowers?

Also: people are figuring out how freaking hilarious and wonderful Melody is on our website (she did Breaking Bad, Sherlock, does Merlin and Mad Men. *sobs on her shoulder for being so, so amazing*) and here's the first Mad Men recap of the season - she posts every Monday, so be sure to check her out. The more you like, tweet and tumblr her, the better her chances to gain entry into the TCA, so help a fellow writer out! (Comments are GOLD, btw)

Our rewatch of Dexter, written by the wonderful (and new!) Samantha has also been a sneak hit. Every Monday she posts a recap and discussion about three consecutive eps, so hop in on that.

(Hunger Games? Please. Sam's recap and discussion is tearing it up. I AM SO PROUD OF THESE GIRLS!!)

Back to work for me! WHEE!

[ETA: and Smash's newest recap is up as well!]
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