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FRIDAY, and I've been waltzing around all morning.

(No, really. I've had Shostakovich's The Second Waltz on repeat to stay energized.) WATCH THAT CLIP. Holy crow, that is the most amazing audience for a classical performance EVER. And guys? Let me just say again that if ever there was a way for me to become a professional trapeze artist I would do it. I blame ABC's Circus of the Network Stars and Cirque du Soleil.

Come Monday I will be back to normal, as in pestering you all about HDJM and our daily updates. :D HEY GUESS WHAT STARTS ON SUNDAY? GAME OF THRONES. This excites me. Also, if you need to catch up on Season 1 in a fast and portable manner, you should check out the recaps I wrote last year for Season 1. This season promises to be even more exciting. (And for the record: I've not read the books, it's a SPOILER FREE ZONE.)

I got a hilarious text message last night (not knowing it was from one of my HDJM writers - I didn't recognize the # at first) "Hey can you please email me a link to the trailer for Blood on the Highway?" and "I'd also like to use some of your filthy lines, if you remember them."

1. HA HA HA. 2. Of course I remember my filthy lines. I was blocked by the MPAA's rules in a red band trailer! Filthiest Character in Movie History was-and remains-my claim to fame. *preens*

This is all so she could point out the similarities in this latest episode of The Vampire Diaries, so feel free to check that out. :D

Touch and Ringer and Smash are also waiting your commentary, as is the outstanding Mad Men season opener recap/review - help my girls gain TV Crit. status by showering them with discussions. <3

Finally see the Hunger Games? You can talk to Sam about it - and maybe help her win a contest. (All of my girls are vying for the top 2 spots, so click, link, share!)

Okay, I'm writing the ENDING of this massive story I think I'm calling War and Peace. (Is that taken?) Spoiler: "they got boners and loved each other and said nice things that made you go AW and then they walked away. With boners. THE END." (ducks the molotov cocktails that flaming_muse is sure to lob at me)
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