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Happy Monday!

GAME OF THRONES IS BACK ON MY EYEBALLS. Oh, how I love this show. I'm back recapping them, so come talk to me about how awesome it is! (We're spoiler-free for the books, please remember that. NO SPOILERS, just discuss the episode, okay?)

Huge weekend at the site:
Later today is the next trio of eps for Dexter, MAD MEN and Bomb Girls, so be sure to come back for those.

ION, I finished my monster fic, it's in edits right now, and I might just start posting a chapter a day today, since my unbelievably awesome beta/editor (flaming_muse) and I are a large portion of the way through it. And it's apparent that I've totally lost my ability to grammar. Derp. Anyway, if not today, then later this week. She has a life to lead on her own. :)

And in other news, who wants to see some pics of the many many things blooming in my garden?

This is my Julia Child rose bush, and oh my GOD it smells amazing. It's about chest high. Those blossoms are as big as my hand. <3

Lily of the Valley! (These were all taken with my phone, so they're not the best quality.)

Bluebonnets! I let last year's go to seed, and I have the thickest patch of them. Oh, they're wee star leaves make me happy. This is about four feet wide and two feet tall. Huge patch. The entire side of my house is lined with them.

I love this crazy rose bush. They come out hot pink, turn coral, then yellow before they fade. <3

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