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I wish Smell-O-Vision was real

Because the front of my house is SO DELICIOUS. Roses, roses, roses. They're going bananas, and I couldn't be happier. Big ol' pics under the cut. Taken with my phone, so don't expect art. :D

I cut these off of a climber I have over the garage (it was severely damaged twice, so the plant itself isn't attractive right now, but the flowers? *kisses fingers*

These are some of the more "spent blossoms" I cut yesterday to keep by my bed.

These are not roses. It's just a shot of my favorite weeping Japanese maple (I have two) with Japanese Painted Ferns underneath and some purple Oxalis (clover) to the right. There's lime green pennywort around there if you poke around.)

AND MY BELOVED JULIA CHILD. Oh, it is just covered with blossoms, in bloom and in bud. I love this beauty. It smells un-freaking believable.

Turn 45 degrees to the left and there is my Kaleidescope Rose (it's a mish-mash of colors that changes the older the blossom is) and it smells amazing, very "tea rose." I don't like that as a perfume, typically, but on a plant? YES.

This is my State Rose of Texas (There's a yellow rose in Texas - I'm going there to see!) and those blooms are the size of a softball. There are bearded Irises budding behind it. Yellow + blue = springtime!

Last, my swmbo memorial rose, planted when she lost one of her co-workers suddenly (I have quite a few memorial plants in the garden, now that I think about it) and it was almost killed when we put in the pool. It's coming back and looking wonderful. Look at that crazy orange/yellow bleed! <3


HEY GUYS IT IS GORGEOUS OUTSIDE. I have no books to read. I want something fun, adventurous, and awesome. *chinfists* Whatcha got? I just blew through The Hunger Games for the 5th time (and man, I need to find fanfiction, because the ending is satisfactory, right?) Oooh, maybe I should re-read The Passage since Book 2 is coming out in June? O_O

eta Remember how I'm like really good about admitting that I'm wrong? Like, there have been positions that I've taken where I've had people rationally explain why it was hurtful, etc., and I can say HEY I WAS WRONG and be gracious about it?

I THINK I NEED PEOPLE TO STOP FEELING LIKE THEY NEED TO CONSTANTLY NITPICK EVERYTHING I SAY/WRITE/REVIEW. Give me one effing day off, hmm? Flaming_muse? I love your newly coined word, impupedants.

I mean, I REALLY don't see this shit happening anywhere else, in anyone else's journals or websites, or recaps. At least not to the degree that I get it. STOP PLEASE. Just for 24 hours, please?
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