Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

I want to escaaaaape!!!

So I'm still in my jammies,teeth not brushed, kids screaming at each other upstairs. So I'm hiding out on the PC to have a moment. One of those "mommy needs everyone to go away for a few minutes," moments. The doorbell rings and it's a neighbor I haven't met yet telling me my son is running up and down the street opening people's mail boxes.

Isn't everyone glad we moved here? Hi, we're the locusts, er, Morrisons. Hide the valuables!

So I'm feeling real spectacular. Instead of raising my kids, I'm writing fanfic. Terrific. We're all getting dressed to go to the pool, so hopefully that will keep the kids occupied from their reign of terror on the new block.

6 more weeks until school starts!!!
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