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GIP!! And release your inner Fred. You are among friends.

HA HA HA!! I love Teen Girl Squad. Homestar Runner - brings families together through mockery. BUT. It perfectly suits my mood today. Anyone follow the world of science? Only me? Harvard is hosting a discussion panel on women and minorities in science and the President (Lawrence Summers, no relation to Buffy - duh) said there are innate gender differences which explain why fewer women succeed in science and math. There were walkouts during his lecture.

Quote: Nancy Hopkins (professor of Bio at MIT - what a dummy! /sarcasm) "I just couldn't breath because this kind of bias makes me physically ill." Same here.

I recall being the only female in a Calculus class of 150 students in college. NOT ONCE would the teacher call on me, and many times I was the only one with my hands raised. I walked out on the final (in protest) and STILL managed to get an 83 overall. The final exam was 25% of my total grade, and it was marked 0. (I rocked the extra credit, too) Many of the gender-superior men failed the course.

My genetics professor was one of the most highly educated scientists in the US at the time. SHE was the best teacher I ever had. I hate this "women can't do math" crap. Sure, some can't. Some men can't. Some men can't figure out the standard normal probability density function.

Did you know that most questions in math and science (for young children) have men as the protagonist? That Barbie once had a talking doll that said "Math is hard?" IT IS NOT HARD WIRED. It is a conditioned response to the world around us.

Any thoughts? Gripes? Discrimination you felt? Am I the only science/math nerd out there? (See? There's more to me than the hills alive with the sound of sucking...)
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