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Links, a rec, and a massive eye-roll/rant

First, Hey, Don't Judge Me is cooking today (with lots coming later today, too.)
Game of Thrones! Hope you like your incest. And baby killing.
Dexter! The rewatch continues with the beginning of Season 2, eps. 1 - 3.
Touch! The new Keifer show that is steadily picking up steam.
Later today: Mad Men! Bomb Girls! And THE RETURN OF THE BORGIAS (but debuting on HDJM!) Show my girls some love, if you would be so kind. They're working for praise, so how about you give them a raise? :)

FIC REC: one of those "Please drop what you are doing, read this, leave encouraging feedback, and marvel that this is in the world" kind of fics.

Sweet! A Love Story Told In Sugar by ohquixotica (I believe there are two other authors contributing as well?

WHY: Did you love Pushing Daisies? Do you love surreal romance and beautiful words and maybe a little Like Water For Chocolate? Because this story is all of that and more. I very rarely get emotionally moved by a lot of fanfic. I'm a jerk, I suppose. I choked up, clutched my heart, squealed with happiness, and felt everything right along with the characters. So funny, so sweet, so achy in places I could barely catch my breath. Everything I love in a story and all I didn't know I needed. PLEASE. Track this one. It's a WiP.

And those in Glee fandom? THAT IS HOW YOU WRITE 3rd PERSON OMNISCIENT. Know your POVs, it seems to be a problem. Do I sound snippy? I'll tell you why. But before I cut, PLEASE PLEASE READ.TRACK, BOOKMARK SWEET. You'll thank me later, I guarantee.

1. Fanfic is free. You get to turn on the computer, type in what you like and then you have it! That's amazing. The person providing you with a story (or a drawing, or vid, or...) because they have fannish love for something is doing you a service, and they're not even asking for much in return. Maybe you say thanks. (Most don't.) Maybe you leave them a comment or engage in things you liked, etc. It's still something that another person is GIVING TO YOU FOR NOTHING. Pretty sweet!

2. Which makes many fen feel entitled. You are not owed a new chapter, a new drawing, a new vid. No one "had better" fulfill the promise of posting at a time when it's convenient for you. Posting on Tumblr with a tag for the story (vid, etc.) "Fuck you Author" is about as shitty as it gets. (I'm not even going to go into how much I hate people who post "Look at this asshole" and "fuck you" when someone is especially handsome, pretty, etc. It's douchey; I think it's douchey; I can't stand it. Which is why I scroll and filter.)

Demanding (even when anonymous - that's just worst, imo) that people give you things to your schedule is just about as bratty as it gets. Really? You feel that's acceptable behavior? Or only because you're hiding behind being anonymous? And if you're simply bitching for things (legitimately bitching) then you're just awful, it has to be said. See: FREE.

3. I can't speak for everyone, but here's why I share fan-works - because fandom is (and has been for a very long time) my happy place. We all feel that to some degree, I'm sure. We share our mutual love for things, discuss things we don't, and yes, some people exist to bitch, I know. Believe me. But that's not how fandom serves me. Am I alone? Probably not. Do I want to interact with people that want to put their hand out constantly and bitch and be ugly? NO. Go your way, I'll go mine, we're both satisfied.

I feel JOY when I write. I feel HAPPINESS to create something I care about. I feel PRIDE when I share it and people don't hate it. That is an amazing feeling! I'm sure I'm not alone with that. Which leads me to

4. TONE. Do you know what this is? I in no way think I'm perfect. Everyone who knows me knows without a doubt that I'm my own worst critic. No, really. Look up self-effacing and you'll find me. I don't take myself too seriously, I'm pretty fun as a human, generally speaking. BUT BOY THERE ARE SOME BEHAVIORS THAT PISS ME OFF.

a) people make mistakes. Errors happen. This does not piss me off.
b) it is perfectly fine to say: "Oh, did you see that you dropped the italics tag in paragraph 4?" or "Whoops, there's a homonym error in blah blah." That's just fine with me, and I have no problem with people helping me make the final product as good as can be.
c) it is NOT perfectly fine to adjust your glasses, smirk at me, then proceed to explain what words mean as if I am someone uneducated. Can you honestly think while reading - say, this latest story I'm posting - and think I haven't been schooled? That I don't understand English? Really? And word to the wise: if you're going to correct someone, ESPECIALLY if it's in a holier-than-thou condescending tone, you better make sure your message isn't riddled with errors, yourself. It just makes your ass into a hat.
d) I am NOT interested in being challenged on plot points. Wanting to know motivation, discussing things? Awesome! "I don't believe this" is not okay with me - I don't care that you don't. I've clearly missed something for you, and I'm guessing there's no way to make you see what I see. You can close the screen and move on. I won't be mad, promise. I sure as hell will get irritated if you try and explain my own characters' motivation to me and how I got it wrong.

In case it's not clear, I have been nitpicked up one side and down the other on this FREE STORY that is FINISHED and is being posted like clockwork DAILY.

I'm not in it to be a BNF. I'm not aspiring to fandom heights. I'm writing a story and sharing it, and if you like it, thank you so much! I truly and from the bottom of my heart appreciate it. If you don't, THAT IS FINE, TOO. You can't like everything, I get that. There are many many stories in this fandom that I cannot for the life of me understand why people even bother reading. The characters are unrecognizable (aside from physical features) the story telling is woefully under developed, there are spelling errors left and right, and not in ANY of these stories have I seen comments with corrections, "hem hem" type condescension, etc.

Why the hell have I been bombarded with it? I don't want it, in case you thought I did. We can talk story and character all day long. BUT MY STORY HAS BEEN VETTED, and I'm guessing much more thoroughly than 99% of the stories out there. Give me an "Oopsie doodles, there's a t-e-h in there, not a t-h-e" all day long, I don't mind.

But you don't need to PM me, comment, drop in my ask box the origin of the word "THE" like I'm some kind of mouth breather. I've had close to ONE HUNDRED of these messages since I started posting last Monday. ONE FUCKING HUNDRED. I'm at my limit, guys. My chest is tight, my heart rate is through the roof, and I just want to share a free god damn story. Those of you that have been so supportive and fun (and those of you that brought errors to my attention in a "Hey, whoops - your fly's down!" way are awesome, and I'm so grateful to you.

The rest of you? Ahem.

Glee fandom: It's time to start behaving like humans.

And here come the anonymous "Stoney's a bitch" comments, I'm sure. Sorry for having opinions in my own journal. *

*no, I'm not. And one last time: CATCHING TYPOS is one thing. Talking down to me is another. Guess which one I'm cool with? (And christ, the story is 148,000 words. There's bound to be an error. Find me a printed book without a single error, would you?)


Apr. 10th, 2012 04:12 am (UTC)
If I didn't have the most hard-nosed (and right) beta in existence, I wouldn't be so opposed to the workshop mindset. Well, I probably would, because I don't post things until they've been thoroughly vetted, but still. This is a finished story, so I'm not making changes to past chapters, you know?

STEAKS OF COME. That is awesome. That's up with "he seated himself in her audience," that is. :D I don't mind concrit, typically. I have issues with the tone of looking down their nose at my story for not being factual, when I have freaking flaming_muse as an editor. The woman it seriously the most educated person I know, and spent a decade in academia doing - hey-o - editorial work.

I have a feeling, however, that this post has served its purpose. It's okay to help writers. It is! It's not okay to denigrate and talk in an ugly manner.

*still lol'ing and steaks of come.* Er, I'll take mine well done, I believe. ;)
Apr. 12th, 2012 05:19 am (UTC)
Comment jumping, hi :) I frequently point out typos in my comments even if the fic has beta'd. I hope it's in a polite manner & I try to verify that it's okay/appropriate with the author to do so. I tend to assume that as we're all human, mistakes happen, no big deal but that the author would still like to know (as I would) even if they don't plan on going back to fix thing. That's the author's choice. Just sharing my own thoughts as a reader. I also try my best to include what lines work for me/caught my attention in addition any SPAG errors.

I hope that the anon hate has died down. It's terrible behavior whether occurring in fandom or in RL. I always get sad to hear authors receiving hate as as an avid fic reader (no writing talent here), I think it's so important to let authors know their hard work is appreciated.

tl;dr sorry to spew a long comment out

(ps - am one of those saving your newest fic to read once posting's complete and I'm really looking forward to all 100k.)
Apr. 12th, 2012 12:44 pm (UTC)
Long comments are fine! And I honestly am okay with someone pointing out a "teh" or dropped tag, etc. That's great. While I write, however, I have a line by line crit happening with my beta (who is, um, maybe the most educated person I know, and - yeah. She red lines the hell out of me.) SO by the time I post, while typos are bound to happen - they're in published books, for crying out loud - the complaints about the story... I don't know what I'm supposed to do with that, you know? Are they wanting me to rewrite it? DO they not realize that they've not read the whole thing and maybe things are going to be made clear down the road?

It's a head scratcher.

But please know that I am absolutely fine with someone pointing out that I've used CST instead of EST, for example. And thank you! (Oh, it's more than 100K, so pick a comfy chair! :D)
Apr. 12th, 2012 01:11 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the response! That is so awesome to hear about you having such an fantastic beta (yay flaming_muse). I honestly am so impressed with writers having the ability to write engaging stories let alone those who write epics & take the time to edit thoroughly.

With serials & WIPs, it baffles me when people jump on an author when the details will be made clear by the story's conclusion. I get wanting to know right now!! but like you said, there's still story left to come. I read a story earlier this week wherein chapter 4 I couldn't keep my comments to myself & had to flail about the miscommunication between 2 characters and guess what, chapter 5 fixed the main point! I then with my final review told the author I clearly jumped the gun :P So I guess in this long-winded fashion, I'm saying haters suck & you rock.

(More than a 100k \o/. That's gonna be read in bed, all snug and cozy.)


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