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Calling all cooks (or foodies...)

I am getting bored with my cooking routine. Any suggestions? Fave recipes? I eat every kind of food, so lay it on me. Plus, I live in a good area of specialty grocers, so I can get some of those weird ingredients that you may love, but worry about me finding in Texas.

To give as good as I get (hopefully)
1 can black beans, with juice
1 can diced tomtaoes with chiles and juice
1 cup brown rice (any will work, tho)
Put all plus 1 cup water in large skillet, bring to simmer, turn down heat to low and cook 20 minutes. Fluff with fork and layer on tortilla with lettuce and sour cream (or Jack cheese?). Nummy and HIGH IN FIBER. So no big jogs an hour after, 'kay?


Not a veggie, so if you have meat recipes, throw them out there!

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