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Oh, such a glorious week in NYC I had. But let me get some business out of the way, first.

Hey, Don't Judge Me, back, perfect, and stronger than ever. We're like Ben Kenobi, but without the random ghostly appearances.
Game of Thrones! Just... Gendry. Shirtless. Sooty. FIST BITE. ETA GUYS. I am not a book reader. Please stop telling me book things if they're not specifically mentioned on the show. I PROMISE I write down every freaking line of dialog as I watch. It takes me all night, but I want to catch the show's names, etc. NON-READER. I feel like I am constantly being nitpicked and I HATE THAT. It's just the internet, and I don't get paid. Thank you!

Now I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger, she has needs. She don’t want Dothraki starving, cause they all need eats. They go out of Qarth, Xaro pays, she can’t leave. There’s riches in the vault, she’s gotta roll up her sleeves, but while she’s plotting: watch him! Jorah’s gonna get a ship out of Baron Harkonnen! He got that ambition, Dany, look in his eyes! This week he breathing heavy, next week he gone sigh, so: stick by his side. I know he’s all “I love you” and yeah, that’s nice. But he gone keep flirting and trying, but you stay right, girl. And when you get on, Jorah’ll still be following you because he’s seriously into you, Daenerys.

Whatever, that shit's funny. :D

Supernatural with Felicia Day! Oh, geeky girls are my favorite.
Touch! And seriously, these recaps are hilarious. You need to be reading.

More coming later today like Mad Men and the Borgias! Please help us out by "Liking" and tumbling and +1 ing - it helps spread us to new places on the internet. The more exposure we get, the better. :)

I spent the weekend lounging around and recouping from my trip (which involved theater, fabulous food - Lupa was maybe my favorite, CraftBar was pretty spectacular, too and I had THIS WINE, which was outstanding for its price point - museums, Botanical gardens and mastering the subway like a boss.) and came home to a clean house. BLISS.

Oh, and my husband informed me sheepishly that he actually left for a trip Monday night and came home Tuesday night. "What's this?" you might be asking. "What of Stoney's children?!" I asked, too. Oh, no worries. My mother in law just slept in my bed and was in my private space without me knowing, that's all. GAH. I KNOW SHE OPENED DRAWERS AND JUDGED THE STATE OF MY BATHROOM AND CARPETS AND I JUST HATE IT, AHHHH.

*head desk* I'm still D: about it. Good thing I didn't know while flaming_muse and I were in NYC. I would have been a basket case. Also, I learned that I would literally watch Jeff Goldblum read the paper. (Saw Seminar. He was entertaining, the other actors were as well, for the most part, but the story fell apart in the final third.) Book of Mormon was as wonderful as you'd expect, and I completed my group of signatures on my actual BoM. <3 that cast. It's so outstanding, I can't even.

I HAVE LOST THE ABILITY TO EVEN. Okay, I need to buckle down and get to work. How's tricks, gang? What's the 411?


Apr. 30th, 2012 09:58 pm (UTC)
Re: Me llama Sister Stone!

(And we're the founders of our religion! We can be Elders if we want to. :D )

OMG, this is my new head canon, too. Otherwise the show makes NO SENSE. I so badly wanted to get out my red pen.

"I belieeeeeve that Kurt and Blaine were made for each other.

And I belieeeeve that they will be together forever as well.

And I belieeeeve that before season three Ryan Murphy changed his mind about Blaine's year of birth.

I am a Klainer!
And Klainers just believe."
Apr. 30th, 2012 10:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Me llama Sister Stone!
"You can't believe in them partway.
You have to believe in them all!
My problem was doubting Colfer
And D Criss dropping the ball!

I can't allow myself to have any doubt.
It's time to set my graduate free.
Time to show the world what shipping Klaine is about!
And share the fangirl inside of me!

I BELIEVE! That they'll be in love forever!
And I BELIEVE! That New York will be hard.
But I BELIEVE! That the writers have kind of lost their connection to them!

I am a Klainer! Dangit! And a Klainer just...believes! Oh I believe!



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