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A rare post from me

where I ask you to consider supporting Hey, Don't Judge Me in meaningful ways. :) (I rarely ask for support. It's a Leo thing.)

What with one thing and another, (DDoS/malware attacks, server issues) I'm making huge changes behind the scenes for HDJM. With the exception of three phenomenally generous donations to the site over the last year, the few advertisements that I was able to land for two months were the only source of income we've had. Advertising has dried up (people get nervous around malware; I can't blame them) and we're back to how we've run the site since its inception: my pocketbook.

I am happy to continue this site, and will for as long as there is interest. I believe in making a fannish place that is about JOY. Not mocking, not tearing things down with mean pleasure. Our site is not ironic. We genuinely enjoy what we recap. That's the rule. If you've felt guilty about loving something so much and maybe didn't feel comfortable sharing your squee in a place where it might get teased, WE ARE YOUR SQUEE-ZONE. There really aren't many places that provide that for fans. There's always a basher, shamer, whatever in the corner, right? Not here. LET YOUR LOVE LIGHT SHINE AT HDJM. :)

We've had amazing discussions there; we've had SHOW RUNNERS praise our site, not to mention some actors and their PARENTS thanking us for providing a place of happiness. I love it, and as long as I can afford to do so, I'll keep the site running.

But I want to be able to pay our writers more than just a prize at the end of the month if they're the top-viewed author. That's reasonable, right? For all of the time they put into the site? It's A LOT, trust me.

And now, with a much-needed move to a secure and dedicated farm, HDJM's expenses will go up 230%. This will ensure that we don't crash, that I have a dedicated staff of geeks to keep things tight on the server side, and that when you click a link, it blazes on your screen so fast your head will spin.

I know a lot of you have enjoyed our site. I've appreciated that support so much. Those of you who routinely share us on social media or through email, I see that you're sharing, and I'm even more grateful. But maybe those of you that enjoy our recaps regularly that don't share the site might consider slipping a dollar or two into our tip jar? Did you know we had one?. :) It's on the main page, on the right hand side under the list of shows we cover.

You get ad-free (unfortunately, lol) fan-based enjoyment regularly. That would be an AMAZING way to show our writers that you appreciate them. (If you are uncomfortable with PayPal, I'd be happy to provide alternative options for donations, as well. Um, no gently used clothing, please. ;D)

Final note: the more you share our site socially, the faster we'll grow with new users. That's the key for real, prolonged growth. And that draws advertisers. And that means revenue that I can share with the girls. I do not pay myself. All incoming money goes to direct payment of fees to maintain HDJM, or into payments to the other writers.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. (And of course, we have a Cafe Press store that has cute tees and mugs and other things with images related to HDJM.)
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