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Some recs for you

We're staying in tonight because it's rainy and my husband is looking especially cuddly tonight. If you are home and looking for things to read that are entertaining, OH DO I HAVE THINGS FOR YOU.

1. We have a new recapper, an old friend of mine that is quite funny, Sophie, who is recapping the new season of Sherlock. Link is to her debut to HDJM. :)

2. Touch is also humming along, building new readers as people realize just how funny (and insightful) our lovely Janey Ford is.

3. Apparently The Vampire Diaries was intense last night? That's what I'm gathering - and the recap is live, and waiting for your thoughts.

4. We still have the Glee recap hanging out, as well as my love for 80/90s rom com proms. :D

5. And what is quickly becoming the most popular post we've ever had in HDJM history (and we've had some big ones), The Avengers - the avengening! (And The Borgias, and Mad Men and... We can keep you laughing tonight/this weekend, is what I'm saying.)

Other recs: searing a square of mozzarella on a non-stick pan, cutting it into cubes, topping each cube with a piece of roasted red pepper and consuming alongside a delicious bottle of red. Which reminds me of a line from an earlier episode of Cougar Town where Ellie is sitting with two empty bottles of wine. Travis asks her how she's standing (she drank both) and she said, "Pfft. It's only white wine." AHAHA.
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