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Links and recs!

Tonight is a big night for me work- (and enjoyment) -wise - two hours of Glee, and they look hilarious already. NO SPOILERS, OMG.

I did want to announce that the Bachelorette is back on HDJM, so your Tuesday mornings will be assured of a chuckle. How Mel can continue to love that show... Hahaha. Whatever, I don't judge. I loved Jersey Shore, I have no shame.

But I wanted to post here two fics that I really wish you'd read and leave comments (you'll want to, even if it's just "thank you" - trust.)

Prom Queen 2012 - what went through Kurt's mind when Figgins said there was another write in. by flaming_muse
Hoppoplla (But You Are Standing) which is a love song to Glee, for the good things it did for the kids, the safe haven it provided. Lovely, and everything these two writers turn out are of an excellent quality that should be encouraged, imo.

Okay, deener and then the Glee-ings.
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