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Links and an update

First, Sophie is back with Sherlock 2.2 - Hounds of Baskerville - and her first recap was a huge hit. Let's help make her second just as popular!

Second, the first of last night's Glee episodes PROPS is now up at HDJM, and I'm interested in your thoughts (no bitchy talk, no derisive talk, your calm, intelligent thoughts) on what I'm calling Tina-Gate.

(Seriously: no hissing or spitting. If you feel that angry about a show, you should probably do yourself a favor and stop watching, I think. Strolling through the internet last night was...eye opening.) [ETA] And I'm being called a racist over there. Okay, that's enough. I'm signing off for a while. Be freaking nice to each other, it's just the god damned internet, for crying out loud.

Last, my Mom Duties are being called in more strongly than usual, so I might be AWOL for a bit. I'm sure everyone can understand that my kids have to come first, right? Right. <3 Thank you for understanding that I might not be Johnny on the Spot with replies!
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