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Fic post, (Where There's Smoke one-shot) PGish

Title: Goodbye to the Engine Co 204 Brownstone
Author: Stoney321
Rating: PG-13?
Word Count:
Summary: Engine Company 204 and Ladder Company 211 are moving to a new building. Blaine (with the help of Kurt) says goodbye to the memories, both bad and good.
A/N: I was trying to find a different picture of the Brooklyn fire station I used as a model for the story and found out that it was demolished earlier to make way for a school's expansion and had tiny heartbreak. This is the result. It's...pretty fluffy (a little morose in others, but overall FLUFF).

This is a part of the Where There's Smoke universe.

Blaine doged the group of movers on the staircase, carefully wrapping up all of the old pictures of the fire station from over the past 107 years, pictures that had hung on those walls for almost as long.Collapse )
Tags: fic: klaine, fic: where there's smoke
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