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Week's Roundup

  • First, I've been on a roll, posting fic, and that feels pretty great after almost a solid month of a complete lack of words. (Fireman AU one-shots here and here.)
  • Second, #2 turned fifteen (new folks: I had her when I was six. Tragic, right? Babies shouldn't have babies.) and she's so freaking gorgeous and fun and I just really love my girl.
  • Third, Emily graduated from elementary school yesterday and my too-cool for everything tomboy kid burst into tears when one of her favorite teachers (from first grade, no less) burst into tears at the sight of her. It's been 8 years with three kids at that building, and while I'm SO DAMN GLAD to not get the automated phone calls daily listing - in perfect Kindergarten Teacher Voice - all of the uh-may-zing things that happened that day, it's been a really great school. I mean, the teachers cry over the students, come on. They're good people. Just...exuberant.
  • Fourth, this has been cracking me up all morning. PLEASE READ THE REVIEWS. Oh, sarcasm, how I love you when you are brilliantly executed. I think the dwarf + sex positions while driving is my favorite. (Also any review that cuts off without finishing. OMG, tears in my eyes from the lol'ing.)
  • I want to rec two fics, one long and one short, both worth your time. SHORT: Boys of Summer, PG by flaming_muse Oh, this will make you feel warm and drowsy and smiley in the best of ways. Perfectly evocative of being young, in love, and having a moment of quiet bliss while being with the person you love on a beautiful day.
    LONG: A Parade of Paper Faces, NC-17, by a new to me author Tiriathurin (on dreamwidth) I saw this come through K_B, but was turned off initially by the Tumblr/media inserts. Wow, was that dumb of me. Gorgeous story, I had a lump in my throat for most of it, tears on my cheeks (and I'm far too sarcastic to cry often, so let that inform your decision) and it's so wonderfully paced and thought out and characterized. Every emotion is well earned, no short cuts are taken, and you should really leave her feedback after devouring all seven chapters (and epilogue!) Wonderful stuff.
  • Just a reminder that Sam (of Avengers, Capt. America, and Thor recapping fame) will be recapping True Blood on HDJM. So just get ready. Just...oh my god, I am so excited. She's so.damn.funny.

I get to repaint bedrooms this weekend and buy cat litter. Jealous? Thought so. *rocks out to Sheila E's Glamorous Life* and try to write some dirty smut of my own oh god it is so haaaaard for me. Heh. Hard. /13
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