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Fic Post (Where There's Smoke One-shot) [NC-17]

Title: A Love I Can Be Sure Of (part of WTS verse)
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Not a one.
Word Count: 7200
Warnings: Shower sex? Pruney fingers? NASA jokes? Happy people enjoying each other's bodies?
Summary: You didn't think I'd let the other one-shot be the christening of the new fire station, did you? Pure lovin' under the cut.
A/N: You're welcome for not titling this with any number of cheesy Fireman Puns: It's take a big hose to put out that fire, Firemen Are Hot, etc. Also, THANK YOU to flaming_muse for initially saying that I should follow through on this whole idea and reading and guiding me along the way. And seriously: spend money on shoes and lube. Two places you should never skimp. Title is from Carole King's gorgeous song, "Tonight You're Mine (Completely)" because it makes me happy.

Picks up immediately after THIS, and is a part of the Where There's Smoke 'verse.

A Love I Can Be Sure Of

They decided to not call anyone that night, to have their engagement remain as something precious and just between them, if only for a few more hours.

Kurt couldn't stop smiling; Blaine would go completely quiet and still before shaking his head, pulling Kurt to him with a “C'mere,” and a languid kiss before they went back to inane chatter and happy looks. Well, Kurt wasn't capable of much more than inane chatter. He felt like every nerve ending in his body was electrified, like he would fly into the stratosphere if he didn't reach over and touch or stroke the closest part of Blaine available, like he was watching everything in a weird out-of-body experience.

One year, eight months and fourteen days since Rachel Berry had almost burned down their tiny kitchen and Kurt's future walked into his house. One year, six months and nine days since he said "I love you," to the man sitting across from him – face wide with a sparkling grin, eyes crinkled with mirth, dark hair a little messy from Kurt playing with it as he built up courage to ask him, just ask him already, strong thigh muscles still visible under hideous navy poly-cotton blend uniform pants, large, rough hands gesturing wildly about...well, Kurt didn't know (he was too distracted by the man across from him; he could be forgiven for his ears not working as long as his eyes continued to) but every now and then a shimmering wink caught Kurt's eye and his heart beat faster and his chest clenched and he felt slightly light-headed as he remembered all over again that Blaine Anderson had said yes to Kurt's marriage proposal.

Kurt was grateful for the form-fitted clothes he'd chosen to wear that day, as they seemed to be keeping him inside his own skin. He was fairly certain that he might burst at any minute. Although...they were making it hard to breathe. Probably that was his own excitement, come to think of it.

Blaine popped the champagne bottle at one point. They tried to tangle their arms together to sip their first glass on Kurt's insistence of it being tradition, but they found that it didn't work so well when both parties happened to have nicely formed biceps and were sitting on the floor while leaning across a mini-picnic spread between them. Kurt moved to kneel next to Blaine, drained his first glass in one go and leaned forward, the need to kiss his fiance - fiance! - almost overwhelming, lifting the back of his wrist to his mouth to blot away any remnants of his drink.

Blaine pulled Kurt's hand away to stop him. “Let me,” he said, leaning forward with a dark and hungry look.

At first Blaine just pressed his partially open mouth against Kurt's, but Kurt – still unable to keep his hands to himself – grabbed Blaine's arm to pull him that much closer. Blaine made a needy sort of noise, one that instantly reverberated through Kurt's spine and sent electric shocks through his whole body. Blaine slipped his tongue along the edge of Kurt's teeth, before plunging deeper, the taste of champagne that still lingered in Kurt's mouth quickly being replaced by the familiar and heady scent that belonged to Blaine.

They stayed there briefly, bodies straining to stay upright while pressed together on their knees, until Kurt was the first to break their kiss, burying his hand in Blaine's hair while drawing his lips softly over Blaine's eyelids and lashes.

“I love you, you know.”

Blaine's hand flexed against Kurt's back briefly. “I do,” he said. He laid his forehead on Kurt's shoulder, wrapping his arms tightly around Kurt's waist. “Every time you say it, it feels like that first time.”

Kurt bit his lip, trying to control the huge smile that kept appearing. He'd shared some unbelievably happy moments in his life with others, with this man in his arms, actually, but nothing could compare to the joy that had permeated every cell in his body when he knew that they were going to be Mr. and Mr. They'd-Figure-It-Out-Eventually, legally, emotionally, and completely.

“Oh my god, Blaine, you can't just say things like that. Especially not when I don't have something equally romantic to casually toss back at you.”

Blaine laughed softly, drawing his nose lightly along the long column of Kurt's neck. He whispered into Kurt ear (threatening to buckle Kurt's knees yet again), “I'm pretty sure that nothing tops 'Will you marry me' on the romantic scale.”

Kurt's arms tightened as a sigh escaped his lips. How was this his life? Seriously? He raked his fingers through Blaine's hair and whispered back, “I'm pretty sure 'Yes' beats all of them.”

Blaine framed Kurt's face, his eyes closed and his breathing running towards ragged as he pressed their foreheads together. “Kurt, I feel like the luckiest man alive. I...God, I am so proud to get to be your husband.” He smiled as his thumbs stroked along Kurt's cheekbones.

“Say that again, please?” Kurt could barely breathe.

Blaine opened his eyes, nothing but honest affection in their depths. “I get to be your husband, Kurt.”

Kurt's breath came out in one big whoosh, part laugh, part incredulous. “So if this all turns out to be some kind of dream like in that episode of Phineas and Ferb, and I wake up back in Lima as a sad, round-faced sixteen year old longing for-”

Blaine shut his hysteria down with a searing kiss, his hand buried in Kurt's hair and tugging a little. “Shush.”

“Okay,” Kurt replies, finally getting his hands up and under Blaine's uniform tee-shirt, reassured that this was real by the warmth of Blaine's skin, and who has dreams about tendrils of chest hair? Well, there was that stretch back when he'd first come out and had come face to face with the naked football team in the shower after gym, and the sight of dark, curling hair was enough to have him scrambling to cover the front of his pants with a satchel, but Kurt's current dreams typically involved Alexander McQueen and keys to warehouses and oh, that's Blaine's tongue so yeah, maybe this is actually happening.

Blaine's kiss ends with him sucking Kurt's lower lip between his teeth and a tiny, chest rumbly growl.

Definitely happening.

Kurt smiled against Blaine's mouth, both hands skimming up Blaine's sides, with just enough pressure to be on the right side of not-ticklish. He sighed into Blaine's mouth, fingers flexing against the hard muscle of his back as Blaine buried both hands into Kurt's thick hair, tugging slightly to guide Kurt's head where he wanted it.

And currently he wanted it out of the way so Blaine could drag his teeth and tongue down Kurt's neck.
Which was completely fine by Kurt. In fact... Kurt pulled his hands out from under Blaine's shirt to undo the top few buttons to his fitted shirt.


“Much,” Blaine replied, pulling the collar of Kurt's shirt to the side to get at the delicate skin that had previously been covered up.

Sighing helplessly, Kurt curled his fingers in the smattering of wiry hair on Blaine's chest, stroking his thumbs across Blaine's nipples as his toes curled from whatever it was that Blaine was doing with his teeth presently. One particular swipe of Kurt's thumb was evidently too much for Blaine - Kurt wasn't as sensitive on his chest as Blaine was, they'd realized over time – and he jerked in Kurt's arms, his foot kicking out slightly to knock over his mostly-empty glass of champagne.

“Whoops,” Blaine muttered, trying to right the glass, get a napkin to blot up the spill, and not let go of Kurt all at the same time.

Kurt shook his head, smiling, and pulled away so they could attend to the tiny mess. Kurt was okay with the break – his knees were hurting from kneeling on the wood floor, so he sat down with his back against Blaine's new (and stupid) desk.

Blaine settled back on his heels with a bashful smile and a sodden paper napkin. Kurt held out one of the plastic lids from the food containers and accepted the mess, pushing it to the side and out of the way. Blaine moved to sit by Kurt's left side, leaning against his shoulder and tangling their hands together as Kurt pressed his cheek to the top of Blaine's head feeling happy and peaceful. He loved that they could just be together - being in the same space, not needing to fill it with random chatter because their space was already filled with love and happiness for one another.

After a moment, Blaine covered their joined hands with his left, and Kurt's breath hitched all over again at the sight of the ring on Blaine's finger. Blaine had lovely hands – broad and strong, slightly ropey with tendons and veins, long fingers ending in neat, square nails. (Kurt loved when Blaine let him give him a manicure.) The platinum band on his ring finger somehow finished it, made his hand look, well, dressed.

The beauty of the perfect accessory.

Kurt idly stroked a finger down Blaine's, twirling the ring on his finger and feeling practically effervescence with the strength of his excitement and joy for what was to come. Warmth poured off of Blaine's body, and Kurt realized with a start that with all of the work of the move and Kurt's newest workshop (another musical, written with him specifically in mind) meant that they hadn't had time to be intimate in...god, a week? Maybe longer? Kisses and “I love you's” were wonderful, but it wasn't the same.

Which was precisely why he'd planned the evening that he'd planned. And slipped particular items into the duffel that Blaine thoughtfully (even though he had no idea) transported over. A bit of a wicked grin spread on his face as he realized they had the entire night to themselves. It must be why Blaine was being so...attentive and touchy-feely. Well, Blaine was always a bit handsy, something Kurt found out long ago in their relationship that he now had absolutely no problem with.

“So what's in the bag?” Blaine asked, his hand skimming up Kurt's arm before kissing a warm trail down Kurt's neck, his faint stubble tickling the curve where shoulder and neck meet.

“You didn't look?” Kurt asked, a bit incredulously because really? Who just transports a bag of who knows what for someone? Isn't that the first thing they tell you to avoid in airports? “Really?” He couldn't help that he sounded a little irritated; Blaine had just interrupted his sexy Blaine-hands thoughts to worry about Blaine's potential incarceration for aiding terrorists.

“Of course not. Also,” Blaine murmured against the hollow between Kurt's collarbones, sending more shivers down his spine in anticipation, which was much more along the lines of Kurt's plans for their evening, “I knew you'd eventually show me. You know I'm a bit of a masochist,” he chuckled.

That conjured up some very colorful visuals in Kurt's mind, including a particularly energetic night they'd shared last month that began with Blaine dragging Kurt off to their bedroom in a fireman's hold - “But isn't any type of hold you do a fireman's hold?” he'd asked, earning him a playful bite on the tush and after that some breathless requests that maybe Kurt could bite him - and he decided that it was enough. There were simply far too many clothes on and far too little physical contact happening between the two of them, and if Kurt didn't get his hands on Blaine in the immediate right the hell now, it could get ugly.

“Okay. That's it,” Kurt said, pushing Blaine off of him. “I need you, like, yesterday.”

Blaine sat back on his hands, looking up as Kurt got to his feet, a rather hurt expression on his face. (And a rather impressive bulge in his pants, Kurt was proud to note.) “So why with the shoving?”

Kurt rolled his eyes and held a hand out to pull Blaine to his feet. “I'm not- I'm sorry for the exuberance. Look, here's the plan.” Kurt pulled Blaine flush against him, his hands sliding up Blaine's broad, wide back to be buried in his soft, dark hair. His voice dropped to something quiet and husky as he spoke with unmistakable want against Blaine's mouth. “I'm going to undress you, throw you in the shower, kiss you senseless and then see if NASA was right to use this silicone-based lube on satellite machinery because of its...staying power.”

Blaine gulped. Audibly and visibly gulped. In a tiny voice he replied, “Okay.”

“So get in there, turn on the water, and I'll be right behind you,” Kurt said, backing away with a dark grin.

Blaine shook his head and sighed. “Already with the domineering husband act.”

Kurt laid his hand flat on his chest and melted a little. “Aw. Husbands! Blaine!”

Blaine laughed at him, grabbing the lintel at the top of the door and swinging a bit and god it made his chest look so broad, and then there were his arms and they were so nicely defined and his shirt was riding up a little bit in front and all Kurt could think of was-

“Sex. Right. Okay.” Kurt rummaged quickly in the duffel bag and grabbed the container of lubricant, thankful once again that online shopping existed.

Kurt walked into the bathroom, dropping the bag, as Blaine turned on the shower (a rain-style shower head that Kurt had installed earlier that day, pleased to see it working) and began toeing off his heavy boots. The plan had been to undress Blaine himself, but then Blaine reached behind his head and tugged at the neck of his FDNY shirt and pulled it over his head, making his stomach muscles flex and it was such a boy thing to do and oh that would work just fine, Kurt realized, unbuttoning his own shirt in record time.

Blaine tossed his tee into the corner where his boots and belt were, and reached out to help Kurt with his clothes. Contrary to popular belief, there were times when Kurt E. Hummel did not give a single fuck about his clothing. This was one of those rare times. (Also, he had purposely worn clothes that – while still fabulous on him – weren't the very latest trends or too precious. Because he was a planner.)

Kurt had his mouth on Blaine's neck as he kicked his pants off his feet, all while being pulled into the warm and steamy shower, Blaine's hands drifted smoothly over Kurt's bared torso to rest at his hips. He was swiveled directly under the downpour of warm – almost too hot – water, only to be pulled flush against Blaine's body, who was leaning back against the still-cool tiles (Blaine was really the most considerate man. It was one of the many reasons why Kurt was so happy to have him in his life.)

“Mm, I love you,” Kurt sighed, smiling. He twisted away to reach outside of the shower (It better live up to the hype.) to grab the tube from his jeans' pocket, setting it inside the built in cubby meant for for soap and shampoo.

He shivered and was instantly wrapped back up in slick, wet, steamy fireman. He wound his fingers into Blaine's curls, knowing it would make him moan from the sensation and give Kurt the perfect opportunity to slide his tongue into Blaine's mouth to kiss him more thoroughly. His reward was satisfaction from the tiny whimpers that Blaine couldn't help but make, and large, rough hands that tightly gripped Kurt's backside, only to stroke and pet soothingly moments later.

Blaine was very affectionate; over the almost two years that they'd been together Kurt had learned that there was a never-ending well of need in Blaine – a need to love and be loved, to be touched, to be accepted. Kurt could understand it; after growing up in a world where even the thought of him touching another male – hand holding for crying out loud – had been so offensive to the general public of Lima, Ohio that finally being able to touch and kiss, to hold and caress someone and not have them shrink from disgust was simply amazing.

That freedom to touch and know that it was not only wanted but on a fundamental level needed... Who was Kurt to deny Blaine that? He was still nervous about being completely open and affectionate in public (Blaine, he had learned, couldn't help himself. He had no filter when it came to his emotions or affections for Kurt, something Kurt thanked the universe for every day) but when it was just the two of them? Blaine filled a void in him he hadn't known existed.

It had taken Kurt a long time to be comfortable knowing that Blaine desired him, that who Kurt was intrinsically was what Blaine hungered for. Blaine looked at him and saw a man he wanted to touch, to feel, to kiss, to fuck, to love.

It was something Kurt didn't think he could ever get over.

As a result of all of the demonstrative affection he'd been showered with over the past almost-two years, Kurt was willing to let Blaine show him however he wanted. He happened to want to lick and suck everywhere on Kurt's body until he almost came, and Kurt was perfectly willing to let him. But first things first.

“You've been packing-” Kurt dragged the tip of his tongue up the side of Blaine's neck, sucking his earlobe into his mouth and releasing it with an almost purr. “-and moving all day. Here.” Kurt reached behind him towards the cubby where he'd already placed a freshly unwrapped bar of soap. He lathered up his hands and smiled as Blaine grinned from ear to ear and fell back against the tile, completely willing to submit to whatever Kurt had in mind.

Kurt had very little in mind besides images and need, so he had to force himself to remember to take his time, which then reminded him that they had all the time in the world. A feeling of possessiveness overtook him as he soaped down one nicely-muscled shoulder and arm, ending with Blaine's left hand in his. He brought Blaine's hand to his mouth, kissing just around the shiny bit of metal and lacing their fingers together.

When he looked back up, Blaine was staring at him with so much want in his gaze that Kurt's breath hitched once in his chest just as Blaine surged forward with a passionate kiss. He turned their bodies so that Kurt was now pressed against the tile, hands up high and held in place by Blaine's. It wasn't that Blaine overpowered Kurt in moments like this, it was that the force of his need and desire for Kurt's love was still so surprising that Kurt always had a moment of surrendering to it.

Blaine's mouth left him gasping, face turned away from the water that ricocheted off Blaine's body, as hot kisses and nibbles trailed down Kurt's neck and chest. Kurt was vaguely aware of Blaine soaping his own hands, feeling a little incoherent from the steam and warmth tangling his lust-riddled thoughts. Blaine seemed to enjoy Kurt's pliant body as his slick and soapy hands stroked slowly over Kurt's chest, his arms, his belly only to slide even lower and glide over his cock in a teasing way.

As Kurt tugged Blaine's body even closer, his kisses became more breathing and teeth than any visible technique. Blaine's hands circled Kurt's body, paying careful attention to Kurt's backside before slowly dancing their bodies back under the water to rinse all of the soap away. Kurt stepped back against the tile again, trying to draw Blaine back to him to keep them from drowning, but Blaine wouldn't come closer. He was confused for a moment until he registered that Blaine was sinking to his knees, kissing down Kurt's body.

Or this. This is fi-ine--

All rational thought shut off when Blaine turned him to face the wall and bit gently on the rounded swell of his backside while running one hand up along the inside of Kurt's thigh, just enough pressure to get Kurt to step his feet apart more.

Kurt's fingers clawed at the tile for a moment when he felt Blaine's mouth on him, and again as Blaine's thumb lightly circled the path his tongue had just made.

“You don't have...” Kurt drifted off in his compulsory “not if you don't want to” speech when Blaine flattened his tongue, stroking it roughly back and forth, the faint stubble on his beard tickling Kurt's inner thighs in the most delicious way. He dropped his head and moaned as Blaine followed each stroke with a slow and steady finger, taking his time with every single touch.

Blaine kneaded Kurt's ass in his hands, thumbs stroking just along the puckered edge of muscle while his tongue alternated between flat, rough drags and light traces until Kurt thought he would go crazy from the anticipation of finally having Blaine inside him. And Blaine knew it made Kurt crazy, but then again, he seemed to like it when Kurt went a little crazed with need. Which he was swiftly approaching, and mostly because Blaine had begun pressing his tongue inside just enough to make sure Kurt knew what was coming.

Me in about ten seconds... “Blaine,” he barely managed to gasp as he felt himself almost be lifted off his feet after one particularly vigorous stroke and Jesus Christ he loved how enthusiastic Blaine was about oral sex.

Blaine sat back on his heels, hands running up and down the backs of Kurt's thighs. “You were saying something earlier?”

“N-nothing,” Kurt breathed. “Wait. Something.” He reached out to grab the container he'd brought for just such an occasion, dropping it unceremoniously at Blaine's knee before bracing his forearms on the wall, resting his forehead on them and grinning as he widened his stance a little further. Sometimes it was good to be direct. Also, Kurt felt like his skin was buzzing, he was so ready for Blaine to be wrapped around him again.

“Is this the famous space lube?” Blaine asked, already flipping the cap open and squeezing some on his fingers.

“I don't think they actually use sex lube on satellites, Blaine. God, maybe that's why the Republicans stopped funding NASA?”

Kurt heard a clatter and looked under his arm to see Blaine sitting back on his heels again, head thrown back, and his body shaking with silent laughter.


Kurt's face was red, and not just from the heat and steam. “Yes?”

“You still are my most favorite thing. Now,” Blaine came close again, drawing his fingers between Kurt's legs to tease him. “May I please fuck you?”

“Oh, by all means,” Kurt sighed out, unable to help the slight giddiness that hitched a ride with his reply. It was amazing that he could be this comfortable with someone. Laughing while naked? That was love. As much as he enjoyed the fiery passion in Blaine's gaze earlier, this look, the one where Blaine almost looked surprised that someone loved him, tempered by joy that Kurt did... That was Kurt's favorite.

But following that up with another of those fiery passion, half-lidded eyes looks was good, too. Really good. Blaine got to his feet in one fluid motion, curling his body around Kurt's back to kiss and nip along the edge of Kurt's shoulder, giving Kurt a wonderful view of his long lashes, heavy with moisture and fanned out slightly across his cheeks. He felt his breath hitch as his heart clenched in his chest.

For the rest of his life. He would be with this man for the rest of his life. Kurt must have made a needy type of sound as Blaine looked up, almost worried before Kurt reached up to hold Blaine's face, needing to kiss him, needing in that moment proof that this was really happening. Sometimes it still just seemed too good to be true.

Blaine breathed Kurt's name into his mouth as his hand slipped back between Kurt's thighs, stroking and rubbing him until Kurt practically bit Blaine's lower lip. The sensation of Blaine finally sliding one gloriously slick finger into him was such a welcome relief after all of that teasing that he had to press his cheek and shoulders against the tile, needing a cool counterpoint to the heat of Blaine's hand pumping in and out of him. Again Blaine curled around his body, his cheek pressed to Kurt's neck, whispering his name over and over again as he worked another finger inside.

“Holy shi- Kurt you're so – it's so slick,” Blaine panted, pressing his teeth in a hint of a bite to Kurt's shoulder.

“Oh my god, I know,” Kurt said in an exhale, his voice barely audible over the sound of the water cascading over their bodies; everything in him was focused on the amazing heat and slide from Blaine's careful attention.

“Please tell me that two can be enough, please,” Blaine practically whined as he twisted his hand, pulling it out in a languorous stroke, only to press and twist back in, his long rough fingers barely meeting any resistance, thanks to Kurt's special purchase at a fabulous online shop that shipped in plain packaging.

“Yes, please. Just, let me-” Kurt somehow found the strength to push himself away from the wall, bend down and grab the tube from the floor of the shower. His fingers weren't cooperating at the moment, so he used his teeth to flip the lid off the tube, squeezing a thick line down the center of his palm and stowing the tube back in the cubby.

He pressed his forehead against Blaine's neck, trying to catch his breath and center himself as he gripped Blaine firmly in hand, coating Blaine's hard cock with a now well-practiced stroke, a sense of pride and smugness coursing through him at the almost strangled moan Blaine let out from the contact. He loved that he could make Blaine's eyes flutter closed, that he knew just how to touch Blaine to make him weak in the knees as well.

Blaine turned Kurt again, put Kurt's hands on the edge of the cubby where there was actually a lip built in to keep the contents from spilling out and stood behind him, whispering directly into his ear, “Hold on tight,” as he held Kurt open with one hand and lined himself up with the other.

“Jesus...” Kurt moaned, feeling Blaine draw his length down the crack of Kurt's ass. Blaine slid just the tip in, enough to get his hands onto Kurt's hips as he slowly pressed inside, the two groaning in tandem from the lack of any painful friction, just the hot, sleek sensation of Kurt being filled swiftly and completely.

With his body blocking most of the heavy spray from Kurt's body, Blaine rested his forehead between Kurt's shoulder blades, his breath sending warm puffs of air over Kurt's spine when he was fully in. “We're never using anything else,” he said, his voice a low growl that sent shivers down Kurt's back. Good...god it was slick but not too slippery. There was still that good sort of friction that reminded Kurt that Blaine was no slouch in the size department, but with none of the initial burn that sometimes just happened.

Kurt let his head drop back and gave into the blissful thrumming pressure from Blaine drawing back out only to surge forward again, dipping and twisting to make sure that every inch of Kurt's body felt it. Blaine's hands moved from Kurt's hips up his chest, holding his shoulders as he continued his slow and steady thrusts. Kurt let go of the tenuous hold on the glorified soap dish to curl his left hand over Blaine's forearm, arching his back and trying to not slip. His legs were beginning to get a bit wobbly.

“I've got you,” Blaine said, continuing to hold onto Kurt's shoulders and nuzzling the back of Kurt's nape, all without missing a beat. Kurt allowed himself to fully relax, knowing it to be true and oh – just there was that one place that felt so amazing, and he must have gasped or made some audible noise as Blaine's voice rumbled low in his ear, “Yeah?” and he continued to hit that one perfect spot that really would make Kurt's legs buckle if he kept it up. God, he hoped he kept that up.

He must have said that out loud as Blaine chuckled low and dark, saying, “I can.”

“Oh, thank god,” Kurt gasped, bracing himself once again with both hands, relaxing and clenching around Blaine as he drove into Kurt's body over and over again, in the manner that he knew made Blaine go a little crazy himself. He loved giving Blaine pleasure in that way, not wanting to just take from him. And it didn't hurt that it kept Blaine stroking deep inside at just the right spot with deliberate, focused motions.

Blaine relaxed his hold on Kurt's shoulders, sliding his hands back down Kurt's spine to grip his hips once again, his thighs pressed right against the backs of Kurt's as he swiveled his hips with each thrust, grunting a little from the effort as Kurt's breath stuttered out after each wet slap of their bodies.

Kurt managed to grab one of Blaine's hands, pried it off his hip until Blaine quickly took the hint that Kurt needed more, needed to be held close, needed the building tension in his body to find release soon. Blaine wrapped his hand around Kurt's length, who couldn't help but let out a tiny whine at the silky slide of Blaine's palm over his aching cock.

“Oh my god... ” Kurt let his head drop again, the tendons in his forearms standing out as he pressed his hands tightly against the shower wall. Blaine's hand still had miracle lube – there was no other name for it, marketing be damned – on it from before. “It's still slick; we are never using anything else.”

He couldn't help the needy sounds he gasped out with each languid stroke from Blaine's hand, satin smooth and so fucking tight, and it was like every inch of his body was being carefully and lovingly attended to and it was so, so good they were never ever ever using anything else. Ever. He wanted to put every dollar he had into stock for whatever magical company manufactured that stuff because Blaine was just perfect inside him and around him; Kurt was afraid for a brief moment that he might actually black out from the heat and steam and the slowly building orgasm that he knew would hit him like a freight train soon.

They worked together, pistoning their hips in a way to not only allow Blaine to drive forward, but for Kurt to work himself in Blaine's hand, and he was very sure right then that he was about to come so hard that future generations would feel it. He could feel Blaine's thighs tensing behind his and joined his hand with Blaine's on his dick, squeezing just under the head and almost sobbing out a breathy, “Please, please, please,” and he didn't even know what for. To come? To have this never end?

Blaine was practically plastered against his back, wet and heat and pleasure surrounding every inch of Kurt and it was almost too much. He slapped his free hand against the wall, pressing his face against his arm and tried to just breathe through the onslaught of sensation and steam. Coupled with the physical pleasure against his body was the feeling that every nerve ending was beginning to fire, white hot and electric as it raced down his spine, his body beginning to shake from the effort of just holding on, just waiting for it.

“I can't... Blaine, I can't-” Kurt's breath came out in a raspy stutter as he climaxed against the tile, his heart slamming against the walls of his chest as he pulsed over and over until spent, tiny tremors and chill-inducing aftershocks catching his breath as Blaine held him through it, sucking low on Kurt's neck where it met his shoulder. When he thought his legs wouldn't actually give out from underneath him, he braced both of his arms against the wall again, his head falling back to Blaine's shoulder as Blaine's rhythm picked back up, his hands sliding back across Kurt's chest in a needy embrace.

“Oh, fuck,” Blaine breathed as Kurt arched his back once again, just changing the angle enough to get Blaine to snap his hips forward three, four more times, gasping Kurt's name as he buried himself fully inside and came, breathing heavily as if each exhalation was being ripped from his lungs. Kurt held one of Blaine's arms, still across Kurt's chest to hold himself up and reached back overhead with the other to tangle his fingers in Blaine's wet curls until he felt capable of such complicated actions like turning around.

They spent a moment catching their breath, making it difficult for themselves with the constant gentle kisses and whispered “I love yous” as their heart rates dropped down to something closer to normal. Blaine gave Kurt's arm a gentle squeeze as he pulled out of him, sighing as Kurt pulled him into a warm hug, directing their spent bodies back under the deluge of water from the large rain-shower apparatus. After a moment or two, Kurt soaped their bodies up and smiled at Blaine as he leaned against the wall to allow Kurt a chance to rinse off unobstructed.

“I see a design flaw here,” Kurt said, wiping the water off his face with one hand and moving aside for Blaine to have a turn.

“There should be two of them?” Blaine replied, nodding his head up towards the shower head as he rinsed his hair and face, eyes closed.

“There should be two of them,” Kurt agreed, his hand lightly tracing the muscles of Blaine's torso.

Blaine shut the water off, leaned over for a quick kiss, and grabbed two towels from Kurt's bag. He wiped his face dry and handed the other to Kurt. “Go ahead and put in the acquisition papers to Bill; I won't mind,” Blaine said, barely hiding his grin.

“So I guess we'll just have to make do with the one, it seems!” Kurt said cheerily, pushing gently at Blaine's shoulder to get him to move. “Ugh, I'm a giant prune.”

“Mm, I like prunes,” Blaine said, running his towel behind his back to dry it off.

“You are so... Blaine Anderson, I have never seen you eat a prune in my life.”

Blaine laughed softly, ducking his head a little. “Okay, so I've never actually eaten a prune. But I like you pruney.” He took one of Kurt's hands in his, kissing the moderately pruney wrinkles on the pads of Kurt's fingers. “It's how you're going to look when we're old and grey.”

Even though his chest filled almost to bursting with joy at the thought of growing old and grey with Blaine – with his husband Blaine – he was still not okay with the idea of being wrinkly one day.

“I will be the first 90 year old that doesn't look like a Shar Pei or Joan Rivers, I've decided. I'll find the finest moisturizers and collagen enhancers on the market.” He tried to maintain his indignant expression, but Blaine was wrapping his towel around Kurt's hips, drawing him close. And he had that sweet grin on his face, the one that reminded Kurt just how in love he was; it wasn't easy to fake indignant with that eye-crinkling, bright and wide grin just inches from his face.

“Even if you look like a Shar Pei, I'll still think you're the most devastatingly handsome man I've ever known.”

Kurt was far too weak-kneed from fantastic sex to get weak-kneed again from sweet and charming sentiments. He did the only sensible thing – he threw his arms over Blaine's shoulders and kissed his neck, sighing with happiness when he felt Blaine's arms go around his waist in a tight and comforting hold.

“Devastatingly handsome, hm? I've decided that I will share my magical skin creams with you.”

He stayed wrapped up in Blaine's embrace for a moment, his cheeks beginning to hurt from smiling when his towel finally slipped off his narrow hips.

“I love you, but I don't want to stand in the new station house bare-assed,” he murmured into Blaine's neck, earning him another of Blaine's silent laughs that made his chest shake. Blaine pulled back, gave Kurt a playful swat on the tush, earning a surprised squeak from Kurt and a return swat. They got dressed, walked back into Blaine's office where Kurt gave an exhausted sigh at the remains of their little picnic.

“Here, let me.”

Kurt gave Blaine a grateful grin and leaned against the desk (which was still stupid) as Blaine swept everything save the champagne flutes and bottle into the trash can.

“You find the cork,” Blaine said, “and I'll wrap the glasses and we can head home.”

Kurt kissed Blaine on the neck with a big, noisy smack and wedged the cork back in. “I think I could sleep for fourteen hours straight,” Kurt said, rolling his shoulders.

“Me, too. But I need to get some dinner, first.”

Kurt turned, his mouth falling open in shock. “And what was all of that?” he asked, waving in the vague direction of the trashcan as they exited the office and took the stairs.

“Um, appetizers?”

Blaine looked so hang-dog sheepish that Kurt couldn't help but laugh at him. “I forget you burn more calories at work than I do.” He held the door for Blaine, looping his arm into Blaine's as they started out across the street.

“I'm glad you remembered that because I had my hopes set on Eduardo still having some chicken enchiladas. And I haven't seen his wife in ages, she-”

“Blaine Anderson, I swear to god, if you tell them we're engaged before we even tell my dad...”

Blaine bit his lip as he stopped walking, his eyes big and watery and good god, this was not going to be a good start to a marriage if all it took was one puppy-dog look from his soon-to-be--

“No. I'm serious, Blaine!” Kurt tried really hard to fight the smile off his face, because he really was serious about this. Super serious. “You just want to tell someone, and you cannot tell the corner grocer that we are getting married before you tell our family.”

Blaine dropped his forehead to Kurt's shoulder. Kurt stroked the flat of his hand along Blaine's back automatically, waiting.

“Kurt, you said 'our family.' We're really going to do this, aren't we?”

Kurt kissed the top of Blaine's head and asked softly, “Are you sure you want to?”

Blaine looked up, and oh right, there were three smiles that Kurt loved best. He thought to himself that he'd call this one Blaine's I'll love you forever smile. It looked the way his own I'll love you forever smile felt, at least.


Kurt hummed a happy noise, kissing Blaine softly on the corner of his mouth. “You still can't tell Eduardo first, though.”

“Kurt!” Blaine whined. “I have to tell someone, and I have to right now.”

“You are the most pathetic thing.” Kurt shook his head in mock sadness. “Just pitiful. And you can tell someone right now.” Kurt fussed with the front of Blaine's t-shirt, his smile soft and loving.



“I'm going to marry you.”

One day that wouldn't be thrilling. One day the thought of that might be as normal to hear as “I'm getting a loaf of bread,” or “I heard there was a fight on the Real Housewives last night.” One day the thought that he was marrying the love of his life would just be something normal, almost like white noise in the background. Maybe.

But today it was simply the most wonderful thing Kurt had ever heard in his life. He looked up quickly, blinking to keep any tears from falling and laughed at himself. He cleared his throat and smiled back at Blaine, almost crying again from the simple joy radiating off of his fiance.

“Lucky you.” He kissed Blaine again, his smile trembling at the edges from the emotions welling up inside him. “Lucky me.”

“I get to tell your dad,” Blaine said, his own voice sounding a little creaky. They continued walking the rest of the way home arm in arm and arguing playfully over who got to tell their family first.

“Then I get to tell Bill,” Kurt countered.

“Fine by me. And I'll mention to Bill tomorrow that we celebrated our upcoming nuptials by testing the water pressure in--”

Kurt whirled Blaine against the wall of a building, laughing and pointing a finger in his face. “You had better not, Captain, or I'll demote you to...whatever is lower and possibly degrading by comparison.”

Blaine laughed, his eyes crinkling up in a way that made Kurt's stomach loop and flip in the best of ways. “Half-master.”

“Don't even try. I know that's not a real thing. Mister Anderson.” Kurt felt rather smug at his off-the-cuff downgrade in ranking for a particular someone that was still smirking and seriously, this was a terrible start to the rest of their lives if Kurt was going to be so easily-

“Anderson-Hummel. It's Mister Anderson-Hummel.”

Kurt narrowed his eyes (even though his toes were curling in his fabulous shoes) and retorted, “No. Hummel-Anderson. Captain and Mister Hummel-Anderson. That's how I plan on having the invitations engraved, at least.” He tugged Blaine along, deciding to forgive the breach in disciplinary follow-through on his part.

Blaine took Kurt's hand in his, kissed the back in a gentlemanly flourish and tucked it safely in the crook of his elbow, letting Kurt direct their pace. “Whatever you say, dear.”

Okay, so maybe that had been the very best start to the rest of their lives, after all.

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