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How sad that I'm happy for it being Monday?

Because my weekend was one long, sweat slog of manual labor, let me just tell you.

But no one cares about me pulling weeds (and seriously, if there was a God, I would punch him (it has to be a man to create this stuff) in the face for Bermuda grass.). WHAT YOU CARE ABOUT IS ME TALKING ABOUT LAUNDRY.

Wait, no, not that either. PROMETHEUS. That's what. And TRUE BLOOD. That, too. MAD MEN FINALE. Who's with me?

Because guess what's up at Hey, Don't Judge Me? ALL OF THAT. (Well, Mad Men is still in edit, but it will be up shortly. Melody wants it to be perfect.)

PROMETHEUS, written by Liz of Spartacus fame (no, really! Steven DeKnight is her fan! Aww.)
TRUE BLOOD, written by Sam H of Avengers, Thor, and Captain America fame, and god damn she makes me laugh
MAD MEN, written by Melody of Breaking Bad fame, and seriously - if you're a fan of Breaking Bad and Mad Men and aren't reading her? I don't consider you a fan. :)
Also: Dexter's rewatch continues with Season 4, episodes 4 - 6.

There will be some big changes visually on HDJM over the next week to promote easier fandom enjoyment, so keep an eye out for that. (And I'm considering a sort-of forum where people can rec fanfic/etc. I want to be sure it's a positive place first, though, because I continue to want HDJM to be a place where people feel safe to squee about the things they love.)

COMING SOON: a bi-weekly recap and discussion of great feminist movies in the action-film world: Alien 1 -3 (four doesn't count because it's terrible), Kill Bill 1& 2, Silence of the Lambs and others. Hooray!

<3 And now, spinach salad! <-- my freaky-deaky lifestyle cannot be contained, y'all.
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