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Whatcha doon? *chinfists*

I am avoiding rewriting an opening scene because it's a lot of work and I'm very lazy today. SO! I wanted to point out some fun things and jabber at you, because you know you're watching the clock until you can celebrate in style (be that gaming, sleeping, eating, whatevs, I'm not going to judge you.)

HEY SEGUE WHAT: I've made some tweaks at Hey, Don't Judge Me, namely the front page. That unwieldy box that listed everything we had is gone, and in its place is an easy to use drop down box with everything sorted alphabetically. I'm still working on an option that will fine tune that even more (say, you click True Blood or Game of Thrones and you get a list of seasons to choose from, instead of the chronological order in reverse, as it is now. It's easier said than done, boo.)

Also, where are my Dr. Who fans? We're going to start a summer re-watch next week beginning with the Ninth Doctor, as written by the hilarious (and up until now, only writing by a pen name) entrenous88 (pen name: Janey Ford. We celebrate people who come out! :D) and she has a post with her schedule, etc. She's funny, bright, a fan of things British, smart, and if you're a fan of Who, you'll have a great time catching up with her.

I changed our layout slightly to keep the clutter down (don't you love a non-busy web page? I do.) and added what our mission statement and our #1 rule: "don't be a jerk" right here. YAY. I monitor each comment that comes through (we're still small enough that I can do that) so please know that if you want to have a discussion, chat to someone in comments, feel safe to do so. YAY HAPPY INTERACTION. :D

Oh, and the cake I mentioned yesterday? Holy Mary, mother of Barb, it is so freaking good. I'll share the recipe soon, promise, and this is my new "fabulous" cake to pull out. (I do make a mean Italian Cream - 6 layers, yo.) I need lunch and I want something bad for me involving salty, salty fries. *checks calendar* ...great.

Last night I was at the Oak Cliff Film Festival hanging with some very cool people talking film and media and I am so impressed with my friends and what they've managed to pull off. It's no small feat hosting an event like this, and just what they've done to the historic theater is amazing. If you're in DFW, do yourself a favor and check out some of the films (just the venues are cool, honestly.) I talked with one of the directors of Eurocrime! and he's adorable, and just a nice guy. The film is getting a LOT of buzz, too.

I'm going ice skating later today because....wait for's what my husband wants to do for his birthday with the family. Well, okay then.
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