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I am thiiiiiiiis close to screaming.

All day I have done the following (in a 103 F heat index, mind.)
* dragged 400 pounds of decomposed granite to my truck, then up the stone steps and into my back yard
* moved all of the flagstones along the 60 ft. fence
* raked the ground smooth.
* spread 200 pounds of paver sand, raked that
* spread 300 pounds of the granite, because I gave up from the heat
* had water, went back and raked that smooth
* started re-laying the flagstones

The ones laid are level and gorgeous. I came inside to cool off. The Mr. fires up the smoker for a brisket for tomorrow and dumps the large mass of charcoal coals onto my beautiful decomposed granite and flagstone path because, and I quote, "What else am I going to do with it?"

PUT IT IN THE GEE DEE GARBAGE YOU NUMB NUTS OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU BUT I AM SO TIRED OF THOUGHTLESSNESS. He says he'll "clean it up." Yes. He will. (But he shouldn't have done it in the first place!) >:(
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